Superior believes in facilitating Superior Human Beings and giving back to society. Our social initiatives have been recognized by British Council and they partnered us in their active citizenship program. The Superior College is the only private sector university contributing to society through their volunteer program. This center develops awareness about social problems and train the volunteers to take initiative and create solutions through self-reliance.


Developing citizenship behavior in Pakistani youth. 


“Superior Center for Community Outreach is committed to inculcate the citizenship behavior among youth by delivering indigenous education, training programs and practical exposure through engaging them in social action programs that ultimately leads towards a prosperous Pakistan”. 

The center aims to: 

  1. Promote active citizenship behavior among Pakistani youth. 
  2. Equip the students with appropriate skills to plan and execute the program 
  3. Provide a platform for youth to practice leadership through community development programs while keeping in view of local economic, social, political, and geographical conditions. 
  4. Collaborate with national and international civil society organizations to promote nationalism and community outreach Program.  
  5. Create a positive image of Superior College in all over the world.