Entrepreneurship is the growth engine of economy. The major challenges faced by entrepreneurs are training, market knowledge, connecting with investors and mentors to start their businesses. About 26 accelerator/ incubators are currently operating in Pakistan which is a small number as compared to prevailing potential. As part of our movement to build economically Superior Pakistan, Chaudhry Mohammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) envisioned to change the business landscape by fostering the growth of high impact startups in Pakistan through setting up a Tech Incubator Innovation District 92. It is a business incubator program designed with the early stage start-up entrepreneurs in mind.  We have one goal… promote entrepreneurship for Economically Superior   Pakistan.  Each start up is provided with resources and support to grow, test the market, and become scalable. Founded in 2016, CMACED (Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center of Entrepreneurship and Development) came into being with only one aim that was to make economically Superior Pakistan with a focus on entrepreneurship under the umbrella of Superior University. With over 50000+ student resource pool, the entrepreneurial revolution journey started with introduction of entrepreneurship course in all 10 faculties of the university. This program got great response from both instructors and students and there were clear signs of entrepreneurial mindset being instilled and practiced within students through exhibition of business ideas at Superior Entrepreneurial EXPO where each year over 100 startups show case their startup ideas in front of industry experts, mentors and investors. However, what lacked was the sustainability of the startups and became rather a course project. Hence, the need for incubation arise to provide startups an enabling environment and mentors that can give startups exposure to practical world. That’s when Dr. Sumaira, Rector Superior University and Director CMACED met with Nabeel Qadeer who was running Pakistan’s Startup Reality Show; Idea Croron Ka and was known for entrepreneurship in the industry and as a result of academia exchanging thoughts and ideas with industry, ‘Innovation District 92’ came into being on the 17th of March, 2018. Innovation District 92 is an incubation space for startups from all verticals that are seeking guidance in converting their raw business ideas to effective and profitable businesses. ID92 gives them a physical office space, free utilities, mentorship among other facilities for 6 months where they get an opportunity to network with a pool of mentors, investors and facilitators who help them develop their business models. Breathing the vision of making a ‘Superior’ Pakistan, we at Innovation District 92 breed Change Makers!

Objectives/Goals of the project:

  1. To promote ID92 as the platform that facilitates aspiring entrepreneurs.
  2. To facilitate young entrepreneurs in economic and social contribution through helping them develop their business models, sales and marketing strategies among other things.
  3. To promote job creation over job seeking.
  4. Building capacity of entrepreneurs through training and consulting.
  5. Generate funds through different mediums to make ID92 self-sustainable.
  6. To connect startups with industry experts, mentors and investors.
  7. To position CMACED as the entrepreneurship hub in the ecosystem.”

Timeline of growth/expansion: