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An Innovative Experiential Learning
approach to ensure student success

There remains an unabated gap between industry and academia in Pakistan. Industry complains that there is a gulf between what universities teach to their students and how it goes in the market; whereas universities grumble that the industry’s input and willingness to do its part in preparing market-ready students remains few and far between. The debate is enrooted in ongoing criticism and a disconsolate view of the capacity and modus operandi of the universities all across the world, but its concentration is manifold in developing countries like Pakistan.

We follow the western education model and curriculum in our universities, which often has little to do with the realities of the Pakistani market, resulting in preparing students who have an inadequate understanding of the local business environment and the challenges faced by local businesses. Moreover, there are concerns that our curriculum gives the breadth of knowledge and strategic orientation to students, at expense of inculcating knowledge, skills, and attitude required at the entry level. The outcome of this gap between industry and academia does not augur well for any stakeholder. For industry, the limited availability of market-ready students impedes growth, and for students, it is a question of employability. According to the most recent Labor Force Survey of Pakistan, the ratio of unemployed degree holders is three times higher as compared to non-degree holders. For the government, therefore, it is a problem in providing a career path and opportunity to youth for progress, whereas for the universities it brings fierce criticism on their ability to provide quality education.

What is 3U1M?

Superior University, being the most entrepreneurial university in Pakistan, has instigated a revolutionary idea, called 3U1M, to bridge the aforesaid gap. This unique learning framework brings industry and academia on board to undertake joint efforts for preparing market-ready students. Under 3U1M, students undergo three years of rigorous teaching and skill development interventions, whereas in their fourth year, they are given the challenge to either launch a venture, scaleup an existing business, or work within an organization, identify a problem, and devise a solution for it. This experiential learning framework is based on extensive research and benchmarking with such innovative models being used in the United Kingdom and Malaysia. The first three years at university enable students to learn and apply their theoretical and conceptual learning into practice, whereas fourth year exposes them to the practical realities of the industry and empowers them to become entrepreneurs or apply design thinking approach in identifying organizational challenges and vis-à-vis coming up with their creative solutions.

3U: 3 Years of University’s Project Based Learning

In a globalized world, higher education needs a more interconnected approach to prepare students effectively. Traditional classroom teaching falls short in exposing students to real-world challenges. Instead, student-centric experiential learning, particularly project-based learning, is crucial for nurturing 21st-century skills. At Superior University, a three-year academic journey focuses on experiential learning through Project Based Learning (PBL), fostering self-directed exploration. PBL involves real-world projects connecting learning to practicality, prompting critical thinking and skill acquisition. Students engage in yearly projects aligned with course outcomes, cultivating industry-relevant knowledge, competencies, and professionalism. Projects are driven by questions and contextualized for authentic problem-solving. Mentors provide guidance, while CLO-based assessment and rubrics evaluate skill levels. Integration across semesters enriches the process, complemented by Entrepreneurial and Social Entrepreneurial Programs and International Exchange opportunities.

1M: A Year of Experiential Learning

The 1M Program brings industry onboard to impart contemporary skills, knowledge, and attitudes among students to ensure their employability before the completion of the degree. In this market intensive year, students put their learning and experiences of the past three years to practice. Along with academic specializations, they are offered four career choices namely Startup, Scaleup, Design Challenge stream and Superior Go Global. While Startup and Scaleup streams offer a challenge that is entrepreneurial in nature, the Design Challenge stream requires a solution-oriented approach and analytical mindset from students and the Superior Go global offers the students a chance to explore global opportunities of work and further studies.

Career Pathways offered by 3U1M

Startup Stream Powered by ID92

Startup Stream is meant for students who possess entrepreneurial drive and aim to become job creators instead of job seekers. Students in this stream, are trained to initiate a new venture from conception to commercialization.

Scaleup Stream Powered by Scaleup PK

Scaleup stream caters to students who already have a family business and wish to expand it. The stream is contributing to transforming the trajectory of small and medium enterprises by converting small businesses into medium size enterprises and bringing professional orientation and growth mindset among them.

Design Challenge Stream Powered by Superior Employability Centre

Startup Stream is meant for students who possess entrepreneurial drive and aim to become job creators instead of job seekers. Students in this stream, are trained to initiate a new venture from conception to commercialization.

Superior Go Global Stream Powered by Breeo International

Living up to its tradition of coming up with innovative solutions to Pakistan’s socioeconomic

challenges, Superior University has introduced a much-needed initiative of providing

our youth, the opportunity to pursue careers in international markets. Super Go Global stream is answer to current challenge of current account deficit and shrinking domestic economy. It is a mission to export our human capital who would become ambassadors of Pakistan in the world, and bring-in foreign exchange and new business opportunities to Pakistan.

Scope of Go Global Stream

The Go Global will open doors for graduates to pursue employment opportunities worldwide. By creating a globally relevant curriculum and fostering international partnerships, the stream strives to ensure that our students are well-prepared to compete and thrive in the global job market. Through in-depth analysis of the market trends and student’s preference we have prioritized the countries to focus in the initial phase of Go Global Stream. Through a series of interventions and handholding of our students in final year (i.e., 1M) we will export their skills and knowledge to countries such as Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Gulf nations, France, Central Asian states, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany, and many more.

Survey to Assess Student Interest
and Preferred Career Choices

To assess the interest and willingness to join Go Global stream a survey of undergraduate students of sixth semester has been conducted that shows that an overwhelming majority of students are ambitious to explore career opportunities abroad. Out of 1250 students surveyed, 59.2% showed interest to go abroad for higher education followed by 35.7% for work purposes and 5.1% for immigration.

Accordingly, three career choices under Go Global streams have been offered to students:

Preferred Destinations of Students

Our Commercial Startups