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Superior University’s Sargodha Campus, an extension of Superior University Lahore, provides high-quality education and training. Led by Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman, the Rector of Superior University Lahore, the campus aims to empower Pakistani youth with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful careers. Innovative initiatives like the Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program (ETTP) have shifted the focus from job-seeking to job-creating. Through the 3U1M Program, graduate employability has seen significant improvement, rising from 70% to 90%.

The campus adopts a market-oriented approach, providing theoretical foundations and practical market exposure, including indigenous streams like Startup, Scaleup, and Design Challenge, as well as the “Superior Go Global” stream for international opportunities. With a wide range of highly valued study programs across various faculties, Superior University Sargodha Campus offers a dynamic and supportive environment for students to achieve their academic and professional goals, thanks to dedicated faculty, staff, and state-of-the-art facilities. 


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