Our Stories

Made in Superior: A Legacy of Excellence

At Superior University, we take great pride in honouring the accomplishments of our extraordinary students, alumni, and dedicated teams. Within our extensive network of alumni, we have numerous individuals emerged as stalwarts of their respective fields, representing Pakistan and Superior University on the global stage. These distinguished alumni have not only upheld our values of excellence but have also made noteworthy contributions to society, showcasing their leadership and distinction. Simultaneously, we celebrate the dynamic and creative entrepreneurs who have initiated innovative startups. These startups have not only elevated the Pakistani flag on the global entrepreneurial landscape but have also been instrumental in serving humanity through their unique and thriving ventures. In this realm, you’ll encounter visionaries, thought leaders, and champions who are making remarkable and transformative contributions to the world, embodying the spirit of excellence that is synonymous with Superior University. Meet some of our superheroes here!

Abshaar: A Watershed Innovation for a Sustainable Future

In response to Pakistan’s looming water crisis, SEP and CMACED launched “Abshaar,” a groundbreaking nozzle that conserves 98% of water and 60% of electricity. SEP champions UN-SDGs, fostering community development and youth empowerment. Their approach transcends conventional entrepreneurship, offering tangible solutions for sustainability. The visionary entrepreneur behind “Abshaar” embodies dedication and innovation, catalyzing positive change. Superior University takes pride in nurturing such impactful ventures, contributing locally and globally to water preservation. This initiative highlights the transformative potential of entrepreneurship for a sustainable future.

EyeAutomate: Superior Story that Transformed Lives

EyeAutomate, born at Superior University, pioneers eye gaze interaction software, marking Pakistan’s tech innovation prowess. With accolades at Momentum Tech Conference 2019, it empowers physically disabled individuals globally. Mentored by Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University, EyeAutomate embodies inclusivity and empowerment. From startup to global recognition, it symbolizes entrepreneurship’s transformative power. Celebrated on Independence Day, EyeAutomate exemplifies Superior’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Graduating from the Center for Entrepreneurship to Plan9, it signifies innovation nurtured to success. EyeAutomate is more than a startup; it’s a testament to Superior’s spirit of innovation and support.

Clay Pot Renaissance: The Earth Saver Project at Superior

Earth Saver, born from SEP | CMACED, reimagines clay pots to combat health risks posed by steel and plastic crockery. SEP champions UN-SDGs, fostering community development and active citizenship. Its success story epitomizes the transformative power of social entrepreneurship. Led by a visionary entrepreneur, Earth Saver shines a light on public health and environmental preservation. It stands as a beacon of positive social transformation, weaving a tapestry of innovation and community impact.