Student charter - Superior University Lahore

Student charter

Dedicated to Your Success at Superior University

At Superior University, our faculty, students, and Student Union collaborate
hand in hand. We share a steadfast commitment to nurturing a community
that empowers our students to realize their full potential and transform it into
resounding success. This Charter outlines the defining features of this vibrant

University Staff, Students’ Union and Students

Responsibilities of Students

In order to get the most out of your university experience, you should:

— Make the most of your program of study, university experience, and other opportunities offered to help you become the best version of yourself.

— Utilize all resources effectively in line with your responsibilities for sustainability.

— Work collaboratively with the university authorities through Student Voice Leaders (SVLs) to help improve your fellow students’ academic experience.

— Engage fully with SVLs, clubs, and societies to ensure student engagement in supporting the overall learning environment.

— Support your department and the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) by participating in processes leading to improvements in the quality of learning and teaching, such as feedback and surveys.

— Make prompt payment of the charges of the university.

— Treat all members of the university community (staff and fellow students) with respect.

— Represent the university as a responsible ambassador to enhance its reputation through your exemplary conduct on and off-campus, ensuring your actions make a positive impact on the community.

— Take responsibility for managing your own learning by being an active participant and positively engaging in your program of study: attending classes, attending meetings with tutors/supervisors, meeting assignment deadlines, attending training/workshops organised for you, and ensuring you spend sufficient regular time in private study.

— Ensure you remain well-informed about your responsibilities and rights as a student by becoming familiar with the relevant handbooks provided.

— Respect and support diversity across disciplines, communities, cultures, and religions.

— Be aware of the regulatory environment in which the university operates.

— Engage with the university in formulating your own education and career goals and monitor your progress toward these goals.

— Comply with the university’s policies and procedures.

— Seek appropriate support and guidance by asking for help when you feel it is needed.

Responsibilities of the University

The university has a responsibility to ensure that all students:

— Will be provided consistently high standards of teaching and access to high-quality learning resources and facilities by sharing the excitement of cutting-edge research and encouraging your engagement through Plan EQ.

— Can learn within a framework that facilitates active learning and helps you achieve the outcomes of your program of study.

— Are communicated with a clear and accessible academic timetable.

— Have opportunities to provide feedback that enables the university to understand and consider your needs.

— Will have a personal tutor/supervisor, who will provide regular opportunities to discuss academic assessment, progress, and personal development.

— Have clear information about how and when you will be assessed and receive effective and timely feedback on your academic work.

— Can enjoy a safe place on campus to study, learn, work, live, and take part in activities with an impact on the local community.

— Can access professional welfare services designed to support all students.

— Can benefit from a range of sports and recreational opportunities on campus to improve your overall well-being.

—  Can obtain clear information on fees and additional charges at the time of admission.

—  Can participate and raise your voice through SVLs and work collaboratively with the university to help shape your experience.

—  Can obtain information on professional and regulatory requirements relevant to your program of study.