Rector’s message - Superior University Lahore

Rector’s Message

I express my profound gratitude to Almighty Allah for the remarkable accolades that Superior University has achieved over the past decade. Being counted among the ranks of top global and regional universities worldwide has instilled in us the confidence to foster creativity and innovation in our pursuit of academic excellence. Our achievements serve as a testament to the principle that hard work and determination yield tangible results.

Since taking on the role of Rector at Superior University, my foremost focus has been on nurturing student success by cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset. We have achieved this through the development of an innovative ecosystem, which includes the Entrepreneurial Teaching & Training Program (ETTP), the Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP), and the unique 3U1M Program (3 years in university and 1 year in the market). These initiatives are designed to enhance the employability of our graduates.

Over the past five years, our efforts have been concentrated on aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically targeting No Poverty (SDG-1), Good Health and Wellbeing (SDG 3), Quality Education (SDG 4), Gender Equality (SDG-5), and Partnerships for the Goals (SDG-17). Our unwavering commitment to these objectives has earned us global recognition, including 49th place in the No Poverty goal, as well as positions among the top 200 universities worldwide for Quality of Education and Gender Equality.

At Superior University, we firmly believe that true excellence is rooted in continuous growth and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Our vision for 2025 is to emerge as a leading research university that generates a broader educational and socio economic impact. I have full confidence in the talent and potential of the Superior team as we diligently work towards this goal through the implementation of our strategic plan, ‘Soar to Roar.’

May Almighty Allah guide and support us in realising our objectives of moulding today’s youth into responsible citizens and skilled professionals capable of contributing to the economic prosperity of Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman
Rector Superior University Lahore
Member Accreditation Committee Government of Punjab
Member PHEC (Punjab Higher Education Commission)
Vice President PDTRC (Pakistan Drugs Testing and Research Center)
Member Board of Directors PIEDMC (Pakistan Industrial Estates Development and Management Company –
A Company of Government of Punjab)
Director CMACED (Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development)

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