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Learning by doing

Empowering through Experiential Learning- A Distinctive Approach to Education

At Superior University, we believe in empowering our students through active, hands-on learning. Our educational approach is built on the principle of learning by doing, allowing students to apply their advanced knowledge and skills to real-world challenges. This experiential learning not only benefits society, professions, and businesses but also equips our students with the practical skills, behaviors, and attitudes that are highly sought after by employers.

Learning Life Management Skills through Freshman Program

Our Freshman Program is meticulously designed to acclimate students to the intricacies of the semester system, pedagogical methods, learning frameworks, and the overall university atmosphere. This intensive 8-week program serves as a robust foundation for the subsequent 4-year degree journey, harmonizing academic and co-curricular activities. It provides opportunities to participate in vibrant clubs and societies, assume leadership roles as Student Voice Leaders, and embark on an academic journey with increased self-assurance and a clear sense of purpose. Fostering enduring relationships through improved emotional intelligence is also a core focus. Aligned with the university’s vision, mission, graduate attributes, and learning outcomes, we have meticulously developed 11 transformative modules, each delivered by dedicated faculty members under the guidance of their respective module leaders.

Our Distinctive, Innovative, Experiential Learning Framework 3U1M Program

Our educational approach, known as the 3U1M Program, seamlessly combines three years of university studies with one year of intensive industry exposure. This distinctive program prioritizes holistic student development, enhancing their intellectual and emotional intelligence. From the Freshman Semester to the Foundation Year, students embark on transformational experiences, exploring, innovating, and delving into entrepreneurship to prepare for the job market and excel in their professions. Our Outcome-Based Education (OBE) framework, featuring predefined learning objectives assessed each semester, integrates Project-Based Learning (PBL) into every semester, providing hands-on experience and shaping students into 21st-century graduates.

Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program (ETTP) is the bedrock of the entrepreneurial revolution to transform conventional learning and promote entrepreneurial teaching and practice. Since its inception in 2017, ETTP has served as the foundation of the entrepreneurial revolution initiated across faculties at Superior University. ETTP serves as a training ground for faculty members to acquire the knowledge and skills required to integrate entrepreneurship theory and practice into the curricula. As a result, it has become the epicentre of entrepreneurship education at Superior University over the years. ETTP has made phenomenal contributions with participation of more than 12,500 Students from 28 Departments, 850 Coaches, 135+ Master Trainers, having conducted 150+ Workshops, 29 Competitions, 05 Patents, and 25 Courses Offered. CMACED regularly holds events like Entrepreneurial Safari, Poster Exhibition, Mentoring Sessions, Entrepreneurial Forums, Business Model & Pitching, Initial Screening Rounds (ISR), IP & Patent Workshops, Coach Capacity Building Program, and the flagship entrepreneurial expo of the year SEE Pakistan.


Superior Entrepreneurial Expo (SEE), co-hosted by APSUP and Superior University, is the epitome of entrepreneurial excellence where innovation seeks applicability and creativity meets feasibility, providing a firm ground for young startups to showcase their novel ideas, innovative products, and tailored solutions. Over the past four years, SEE Pakistan has played a pivotal role in fostering inclusivity among industry, investors, and academicians in the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing a platform for building connections and collaboration. For the last four years, this entrepreneurial extravaganza has been offering a balanced mix of visibility, exhibition, Impact of SEE Pakistan in numbers and networking opportunities that fuel the underlying passion of aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve the extraordinary. SEE Pakistan 2022 was held in collaboration between Superior University, the University of Lahore, and the University of Faisalabad.

Nearly 1000 startups participated in the regional rounds before expo that were held in seven cities across the country. After a rigorous review process, 100 startups qualified who were given the opportunity to showcase their innovative projects to the world at the SEE Pakistan 2022.


Empowering Learning through Creation

The Superior Maker Festival (SMF) by CMACED epitomizes our hands-on teaching philosophy, instilling in students the belief in their capacity for innovation. This empowerment fuels their ability to produce remarkable work, grounded in sustainable projects.

Creating Knowledge through Research

At Superior University, from our faculty, top management to the students, all of whom possess a profound research inclination, actively contribute through their high-quality research endeavours.

Their industry expertise, professional insights, and network connections enrich our educational environment. Furthermore, research is integral to our learning approach, as it is essential for creating a meaningful societal impact by offering innovative solutions to various industry problems. Our dedicated Office of Research’s; Commercialization (ORIC) has initiated a multitude of research projects, vgorously pursued research patents, and actively engaged in commercialization efforts. Our academic community immerses itself in research, ensuring that we stay abreast of the latest developments in various industries and professional practices at the forefront of knowledge.