Punjab Workers Welfare Board - Superior University Lahore

Punjab Workers Welfare Board


Scholarship Application Form (1 Original & 1 Copy)02DOL, Company & superior
Copy of CNIC of worker.03Gazetted Officer
Copy of CNIC/B-Form of student.03Gazetted Officer
Copy of EOBI/ Social Security Card03Gazetted Officer/PEESI/DSS
Service Certificate for at least 3 years. (Letter on PWWB Specific Format/Specimen) (01 Original Letter & 01 Copies)02Company and District Office, Labor officer
Factory Establishment Certificate under act of 1934.02District Office Labour
Affiliation Certificate of superior02Registrar Office, superior
Copy of Matriculation and Intermediate Result Card and Degree (For 1st Semester Only)02School/College Studied OR superior
For Masters/M.Phil. Students: (For 1st Semester Only) Copy of Bachelor’s and Masters’ Degree & Transcript ü If Degree is from Private Institute ü If Degree is from Government Institute02Degree Issuing University
Previous Semester Report02Superior, Controller Examination
Deposit Slip03Superior , PWWB Project Office
Bonafide Letter02Superior
Fee Equivalence Letter02Superior, PWWB Project Office
Original Bank Cheque of Worker/Student OR Bank Letter of Account Maintenance01Bank (for Letter only)
In case of deceased worker, Death Certificate issued by NADRA and proof of receiving death grant from PWWF.02Contact with PWWB
In case of disabled worker, Disability Certificate issued by Medical Legal Board02Contact with PWWB
In case of Retirement Certificate OR In case of Non-functional Industry02District Labour Officer & Company
Affidavit on Stamp Paper on PWWB Format/Specimen (To be signed and Thumbed by Worker/Parent)01To be signed and thumbed by worker
  1. All communication with the authorized person of the Company/ Industrial Undertaking by PWWF will be made through provided Email Address and Mobile Number at the time of Registration.
  2. In case of any query, the authorized person of the Company/ Industrial Undertaking may contact PWWF on Office Landline Phone No. (042) 99260251 (from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM on working days) or Official Email Address of PWWF director.finance@pwwf.punjab.gov.pk
  3. Make sure that the information submitted by the authorized person of the Company/ Industrial Undertaking is correct in all respects.
  1. Deposit the left out amount of ‘Workers’ Participation Fund’ under the Companies Profits (Workers’ Participation) Act, 1968 (as applicable in the Province of Punjab).
  2. Deposit the left out amount of ‘Workers’ Participation Fund’ using Payment System Identifier (PSID) Number, under the option of "GoPB Biller".
  3. The left out amount of ‘Workers’ Participation Fund’ may be deposited Online via Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, ATM and by going Over The Counter (OTC) of any 1LINK Member Bank Branch.
  4. For depositing left out amount of ‘Workers’ Participation Fund’ select "GoPB / Government of Punjab" under Payment Section and type your PSID Number written on the Deposit Slip.
  5. Once you have generated the Deposit Slip, your PSID Number shall become operational forthwith and shall remain active till seven (07) days. In case of non-deposit within the given seven (07) days, you shall be required to generate the Deposit Slip afresh having a new PSID Number.