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As a Superior University graduate, you have access to many benefits and discounts. We’re dedicated to providing you with support and resources that will help you on your career journey, as well as life-long learning. We develop alumni communities, where you can build each other up through skills & knowledge exchange and support fellow alumni businesses.

We hope you enjoy these benefits and discounts as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

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Careers & Lifelong Learning

The Alumni Office, in partnership with the Superior Employability Centre, is dedicated to offering extensive support to our esteemed graduates. Our services comprise a broad spectrum of resources designed to enhance your professional development. These resources include personalized career counseling, access to a carefully curated database of job listings, and a suite of meticulously crafted research tools tailored to assist you at every stage of your professional journey. Furthermore, we actively foster connections to bolster your employment prospects and propel you closer to your career aspirations.

What we offer?

Trainings & Forums:

Alumni Office organizes exclusive trainings workshops and forum to foster the culture of learning and networking. Our regular session on various fields marketing HR, Finance and IT equipped with latest knowledge and industry practices. These learning events help our alumni to enhance their knowledge and build their professional network.

Alumni Webinars:

Alumni Webinar Series is a dynamic and knowledge-driven initiative that empowers graduates with continuous learning opportunities and a platform for meaningful networking. These webinars serve as a catalyst for lifelong growth and professional development within our alumni community.

Alumni Mentoring Program:

The Alumni Mentoring Program, thoughtfully structured and meticulously executed, serves as an indispensable resource for our current students. Its primary objective is to provide comprehensive support, guidance, and mentorship to empower these students in their pursuit of career aspirations, helping them unfold their true potential and excel in their chosen paths.

Alumni Scholarships:

Superior University extends a range of scholarship opportunities to our esteemed alumni, their siblings, and qualified referrals across a diverse array of academic programs, encompassing Intermediate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and M.Phil. To avail of these prestigious scholarships, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further details and guidance.

Alumni Benefit Card

Alumni cards identify you as a Superior Alumni. There are many benefits attached with this initiative such as: Easy access into the campus Access to library resources in the campus Get discounts from our partners.

Alumni in Advisory Board

Superior Alumni Office invite top distinguish alumni on industry roundtables in each faculty/dept to be a member of board of studies and involve in curriculum, members advise and provide expertise, feedback in a voluntary capacity on current and future engagement strategies also help us to revise our courses modules as per industry needs and trends.

Alumni Recreational Tours

Traveling with the Superior Alumni Relations Office provides a seamless avenue for discovering and exploring new destinations. It offers the perfect opportunity to unwind, savor unique experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals who share the common affiliation of Superiority. This journey unfolds a tapestry of captivating and intriguing locales that resonate with the collective spirit of our esteemed alumni.


Superior University’s Convocation is a distinguished event that serves to acknowledge, honor, and commemorate the academic achievements of our students. The Convocation ceremony marks a momentous occasion, signifying the commencement of a new chapter in your academic journey. It is an opportunity to rejoice alongside your family, friends, and fellow classmates, reflecting on the days and nights of dedicated study and hard work that have led to this moment. We wholeheartedly encourage all graduating students to partake in this significant milestone, sharing the joy of their accomplishment with their loved ones.

Alumni Wall of Fame

To acknowledge the exceptional accomplishments of our esteemed alumni, the Superior Alumni Office has inaugurated the “Wall of Fame.” This distinguished honor is bestowed upon alumni who have achieved remarkable success in their professional endeavors, thereby bringing substantial prestige and distinction to our esteemed institution.

Our “Wall of Fame” comprises a department-specific showcase, featuring 70 prominent alumni members from each academic department. These individuals serve as shining examples of excellence in their respective fields, further underscoring the high standards and commitment to success that our institution fosters. Explore Alumni Wall of Fame

Alumni Newsletter

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    Discounts and Offers

    At Superior University, we’ve got your back!

    Our cool partnerships bring you epic discounts of up to 50% on all your faves – salons, gyms, healthcare, foodie spots, fashion brands, and even car stuff!

    It’s all about leveling up your student life, so get ready to score amazing deals and make the most of your journey with us.

    Partners Organization for Alumni Benefit Card
    Sr.#Organization Discounts
    Saloons Spas & Gyms
    1Hifsa Khan20%
    2Sarte Saloon20%
    3Beauty And style30%
    4Skin Aesthetics20%
    5Fitness Arena Gym 50%
    6Smart Cut hair Saloon20%
    Medical Labs & Hospitals
    1Al Noor Diagnostic30%
    2Al Razi Health Care20%
    3Chughtai Lab10%
    4Test Zone20%
    5Dr AQ Khan Hospital20%
    6Sherwani Dental and Skin Aesthetics35%
    7Metro City Lab30%
    8Al razi Hospital30%
    9Dr. Essa Lab30%
    10Rehab Poly clinic30%
    11Al Imran Hospital10%
    12SV Nutirtion10%
    14Mughal Lab20%
    15Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Teaching & Research Hospital20%
    Logistic and Courier 
    Restaurants & Catering
    3ACEMCO (Alive Catering & Event Management Co.)
    On weddings and corporate events. 
    4Rajpot Cateringup to 20%
    5Deans Creation25%
    Apparel Brands
    1Andre Emilio15%
    3Shameel Khan15%
    4Gulberg Clothing10%
    5Curio Vestito 5%
    Oil &Lubricants 
    1Zic Oil10%
    Paint Industry
    1Happilac Paints10%