A place where people who care meet to do extraordinary for Pakistan

The mega event SEEPakistan opened for the young entrepreneurs where they will learn to do marvellous for their futures.

The exhibition is formed by Superior University, an event of its unique kind to polish young talent with the Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan.

The set date is August 18, when the exhibition is to be held at Lahore Expo Center, where the country’s most successful businessmen will give their insights to the youth. Also, there would be various artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs to participate in the Expo.

However, the exhibition would come with real charm and magic of business insights with the necessary knowledge to help transform their business model to the new normal.

The event will also provide multiple business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

What Other Benefits SEEPakistan 2022 Can Give You?

From Doubt To Confidence

Our Expo exhibition is designed to engage the heart, the head, and the hands and ultimately inspire action. In response to the Global Innovators’ tales, individuals will undergo a personal metamorphosis in which the calm will turn courageous, the indifferent will develop compassion, the sceptic will begin to believe, and the seeker will discover their calling. For people looking for assistance with their ideas, SEEPakistan will present a proactive opportunity, giving their journey a genuine feeling of possibility.

An interactive multi-sensory experience to investigate the inventors and their influence on the community

A facilitated setting where you may interact with innovators and go further in your innovation journey

Get Ready To Bring About Change

Come prepared to become remarkable in addition to coming to meet amazing people. Come in and be ready to become one of the next Global Innovators. The visitor’s journey reflects the history of Superior, from a promise of positive change to a worldwide movement of change-makers. The concept of “becoming” demonstrates how we think about how innovation “transforms” people and processes.

Innovation Community

The Place is a vibrant, active place filled with activity, stunning views, and the energising buzz of social contact. The diverse and imaginative character of the Innovator community and their ideas connect with this dynamic, multidisciplinary zone, which is an emotive field of exploration.

Creative Inventiveness

A novelty for SEEPakistan Expo is that it serves as the headquarters to demonstrate and define social innovation with quantifiable effect. They are empowering individuals who want to do good, as promised by the superior university, to empower those who care to do good.

Interactions at SEEPakistan Expo

You will come across a number of Expo business exhibitions where visitors may engage with the work of Innovators as you stroll around the themed park. Additionally, the Expo tells a tale of how invention has led to good change and inspires visitors to discover more. You will have an opportunity to meet the different businesses and their ideas. The industry will include garments, synthetic products, footwear, gems and jewellery with technology products.