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Professional Deficiency Program (PDP)

The Superior College has developed an innovative, unique and comprehensive solution which will serve as a bridging program between you (the candidate) and the deficient subjects called PDP (Professional Deficiency Program). It is the quickest and most effective way of jump starting your ambitions of working abroad. PDP is a value added program can be used along with your 5, 4, or 3 years of Bachelors in Physical Therapy in order to make your qualification equivalent to abroad standards. The university designed the course in such a way that the BSPT/DPT holders can start working in abroad in the most effective and qualitative way after a short period of time.

The PDP program has been launched for those Physical Therapists who desire to meet the deficiencies in their entry level degree curriculum either put by a Foreign Credentialing Agency/University or Licensure Board for the issuance of substantial equivalency report while comparing their Physical Therapy Education to their own.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy/Doctor of Physical therapy

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Basic Sciences I6
Basic Sciences II6
Clinical Sciences I6
Clinical Sciences II6
Professional Practice2

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