We help you AIM

A: Advancement entails all those necessary skills one needs to learn in order to stay up to date with the world trends. We believe in the skills and knowledge of the future. Hence, this entails all “trainings” that the student will go through to equip him/her self for the skills that are needed in the industry.

I: Intelligence equips the students with all the required information in order to spend the next four years at The Superior. This mainly encircles the trainings that have been developed by the university as part of their Plan EQ and Plan IQ. In Plan EQ, various skills and teamwork will be highlighted. Whereas, Plan IQ will be focusing on semesters and schedules. This will entail all the “intellectual activities” the student is taking part in, outside of university such as internships and competitions.

M: Management underlines the initiatives that focus towards the personal self of a student. What we aim to do through this head is for a student to understand who their real self is, to understand their strengths and weaknesses and, to be able to define what their short term and long- term goals are. This segment shall also groom students through practical application of skills leadership, discipline, self-management, stress management to compete with the world.  This would entail all “events” that take place in university and the roles and responsibility the student is playing in them.

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Leadership
  3. Influencing
  4. Communication
  5. Negotiation
  6. Teamwork
  7. Problem Solving
  8. Networking 

Engagement of Students through SVLs, Clubs & Societies

We engage students on departmental level through SVLs (Student Voice Leaders) and Clubs.


operate on departmental level and are responsible for all departmental co-curricular events. These facilitate 2 way communication between students and management. There are total 250 SVLs engaging students from all departments of Superior University.


there are 12 clubs operating in Superior University. They are responsible for all university flagship events and nights. These facilitate coordination between students’ social needs and department heads

Events of Engagement Office:
  • Nights

Nights are recreational events organized by departments of university respectively. This is a show of the talents of the students of that particular department. Nights include fashion shows, live music by students and artists, dances and skits.

  • Sports and culture Week

Sports builds strength, teaches you how to deal with failure and sportsman spirit ofcourse! The annual Sports week is an occasion when all the students of Superior University compete with one another in to win the Sports Trophy!

  • Annual tour

1 recreational tour to GB has been organized. Different activities during tour were: sight seeing, team work, student engagement, educational tour, recreational activities.


The aim of societies is to

  • Bringing together individual skills and experiential learning on a common platform
  • Encourage inter disciplinary harmony
  • Provide a platform for students to explore their passions and interests in fields apart from their core study program
  • Provide an environment for students to learn leadership and teamwork through application
  • Those platforms that allow students to explore their passions and interests regardless of what they’re studying.
  • Those platforms where they apply their teamwork and leadership skills
  • Platforms where they express their creative ideas
  • Teaches them real time professional skills
  • Gives them an understanding of growth in an organization based on hard work
  • Teaches them how an organization is run

Following societies are working for the student engagement in Superior:

Freshman Program

We help you achieve success. Freshman semester helps you get the direction in which you need to focus in order to achieve success in the next 4 years of your university life.

Freshman semester is all about recalibrating your efforts and streamlining them in a direction that will be most beneficial in your personal and academic life.


We believe it is integral for our students to stand out when entering the job market & professional life. We help them and you, aim. Zero semester is the first step for students like yourself in figuring out what should be achieved in the next four years of university.


This will help students in building self-confidence, enhance self-esteem and learn to project their personalities in a professional manner. This module directly correlates with leadership & teamwork and will serve as a foundation for every module and the 4 years of undergraduate life. Throughout this module the students will also learn daily conversation skills, presentation skills, insights into molding their self- image, proper conduct in professional settings along with other life skills that will aid them in presenting the best version of themselves.


This will help students understand the leadership skills and necessary qualities required to become a leader. This will also help students realize the importance of team spirit and will encourage them towards teamwork. This module will help you align aspects of your personal and academic life and teach you how to strike a balance to get the most out of your environment. The main objective of this module is to bring you on a level playing field, increase your self-confidence and make you believe that you have what it takes to lead an initiative. 


This will help students in realizing the importance of emotional intelligence, core competencies of eq and to discover not only themselves but also the importance of value in leading a successful life. This module will revolve around the importance of empathy and how this single emotion can add quality to your life and alter decisions to be more meaningful, productive and vision centered. Emotional intelligence will also teach you ways to deal with failure, defeat and feelings of self-doubt that are natural in a student life cycle.


This will help students participate and prepare their digital skills in the digital age. It will also further improve qualities that are necessary towards the students’ learning Keeping in mind the demands of the new job market, our students need to be skilled for work that will accelerate them in the world of freelancing while they are students and give them enough working experience to confidently position themselves after graduation. 


This will help students to understand the system of student bodies, their roles and how one can get their eq boosted by joining a student body. Students will also be introduced to the office of student engagement.


This will help students to envision their academic journey at superior as well as their future career pathway.


This will help students be aware of the difference between annual and semester systems in education. This will also convey the rules & regulations of students.

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