Faculty of agriculture and veterinary sciences - Superior University Lahore

Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

The Faculty of Agriculture at Superior University amalgamates strong foundational knowledge of the agricultural field and its relevant disciplines in line with the modern techniques to raise graduates who are committed to environmental preservation and a sustainable future for the globe. The experiential approach to pedagogy enables the students to grasp the fundamentals of the agricultural field in combination with an understanding of futuristic industry practices.

With a commitment to continuous innovation and excellence, the faculty is producing graduates that are contributing to tackling some of the biggest issues of the 21st century in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 2020. School’s exceptional faculty frequently holds seminars and training workshops in collaboration with several public, private, non-profit, and industrial partners to give direction to the innovative and entrepreneurial ambitions of its students. These industry-academia linkages help the students with developing critical thinking skills, conceptual problem solving, and industry standard technical expertise to ensure their professional success by securing employability in the rapidly growing national and international agriculture and food chain industry. 

Bachelors Programs

BS Agriculture (Horticulture)

BS Agriculture (Plant Breeding and Genetics)

BS Poultry Science

Faculty Members

Dr. Hasnat Ahmad Bhatti

Dr. Adeel Ahmad 

Dr. Usman Gillani

Dr. Ali Aslam

Ms. Farah Younas

Ms. Nida Sajid

Ms. Sundas Nasir Chaudhary

Mr. Ramzan Amjad

Ms. Iqra Zahoor 

Ms. Rabia Khalid 

Ms. Ameena Qaisar Butt

Ms. Noor Ul Ain Shah

Ms. Fareeha 

Ms. Sadaf Shahid