BS Food Safety and Quality Management

Build the skills to lead in BS Food Safety and Quality Management

BS programme in Food Safety and Quality Management emphasize on training individuals to equip students with adequate theoretical and practical knowledge related to food safety and quality management systems. This programme is designed to develop technical skills to ensure that food products are safe for consumption, meet established quality standards, and provide the nutritional value and sensory experience that consumers expect.  

Total Credit Hours
Course Duration (Years)

Eligibility Criteria:

12 year of Education, Higher secondary school certificate/Intermediate, F.Sc, I.Com, ICS, Pre-Engineering, Pre Medical or equivalent

Semester 1

CoursesCredit Horurs
Basic Agriculture3
Functional English3
Introduction to Biotechnology3
Introduction to Food Science and Technology3
Islamic Studies / Ethics2
Physical Education2

Semester 2

CoursesCredit Horurs
Applications of Information and Communication Technologies3
Expository Writing3
Food Safety and Hygiene3
Ideology and Constitution of Pakistan2
Introduction to Biochemistry3
Marketing and Agribusiness3

Semester 3

CoursesCredit Horurs
Civics and Community Engagement (SEP)3
Food Processing and Preservation3
Human Resource Management3
International Relations2
Introduction to Food Supply Chain3
Quantitative Reasoning I3

Semester 4

CoursesCredit Horurs
Food Chemistry3
Food Microbiology3
Instrumental Techniques in Food Analysis3
Post-Harvest Technology3
Quantitative Reasoning II3

Semester 5

CoursesCredit Horurs
Food Packaging3
Food Plant Layout and Sanitation3
Food Waste Management3
Introduction to Food Quality Systems3
Occupational and Health Safety Systems3
Pre-requisite Programs in Food Safety and Quality3

Semester 6

CoursesCredit Horurs
Food Laws and Regulations3
Halal and Ethnic Food Management3
Introduction to Food Labelling3
Introduction to Logistics Management3
Research Methdology3
Risk Assessment and Control Plans3

Semester 7

CoursesCredit Horurs
Audit and Inspection Techniques3
Global Good Agricultural Practices3
Introduction to Food Fraud Mitigation3
Introduction to Food Retail3
Total 18

Semester 8

CoursesCredit Horurs
Capstone Project3
Consumer Preferences and Perception3
Food Safety Management Systems3
Food Toxins and Allergens3
Integrated Pest Management3

*To accommodate modern trends, Institute may reserve the right to change course requirements, fees, course classifications, course contents, class schedules, venues, faculty and the like, whenever it deems appropriate.