BS optometry

Visionary Care, Precision Expertise

The BS in Optometry offers comprehensive training in vision care and optometric practice. Students learn to diagnose and treat visual disorders, prescribe corrective lenses, and provide primary eye care services. The program emphasizes clinical skills, research, and patient-centered care for diverse careers in the eye care industry.

Course details for year 2024

Course Code


Credit Hours



4 years





Program roadmap

CourseCredit Hours
Functional English3
General Anatomy3
General Pathology3
General Physiology3
Physical Education2
CourseCredit Hours
Applications Of Information And Communication Technologies3
Expository Writing3
General Pharmacology3
Ideology & Constitution Of Pakistan2
Islamic Studies2
Neuro Anatomy & Physiology3
CourseCredit Hours
Social Entrepreneurship Program3
Ocular Anatomy3
Ocular Microbiology3
Ocular Physiology3
Quantitative Reasoning – I3
CourseCredit Hours
Anterior Segment Eye Disease3
Medical Ethics3
Ocular Theraputics3
Physical and Geometric Optics3
Quantitative Reasoning – II3
CourseCredit Hours
Basic Clinical Skills in Ocular Examination3
Clinical Refraction3
Inclusive Eye Health Module – I2
Instrumental Optics3
Posterior Segment Eye Diseases3
Practicum – I (OPT, WARD, OT)2
CourseCredit Hours
Contact Lens – I3
Healthcare Management2
Low Vision – I ( Clinical Assessment & Management)3
Practicum – II (OPT, WARD, OT)2
Visual and Physiological Optics3
Visual Arts3
CourseCredit Hours
Clinical Orthoptics (Occular Motility and BSV)3
Contact Lens – II3
Dispensing Optics3
Evidence Based Practice2
Low Vision – II (Advance Management & Rehab) 3
Research Methodolgy & Synopsis Writing3
CourseCredit Hours
Capstone Project3
Clinical Optometry & Orthoptic Procedure3
Field Experience3
Investigative Ophthalmology & Ophthalmic Lasers3
Leadership and Practice Management Skills2
Public Health And Community Optometry3

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates must have completed F.Sc Pre-Medical or an equivalent qualification with a minimum of 45% marks.

Why choose BS Optometry at Superior University?

Our BS Optometry program features a globally accepted curriculum delivered by field-specific certified and licensed faculty. Students gain hands-on practice in Azra Naheed Medical College, a renowned institution for medical education and research. The program prepares students to become optometrists equipped with the skills to provide comprehensive eye care services. Additionally, the “Go Global Stream” of our 3U1M program offers pathways for global exposure, including higher education, internships, job placements, and immigration opportunities.

Distinctive Features

Enrolling in our BS Optometry program provides numerous benefits, including:  

  • Field-specific certified and licensed faculty providing expert guidance.

  • Hands-on practice in Azra Naheed Medical College, enhancing clinical skills.
  • A globally accepted curriculum ensuring comprehensive education.
  • Global exposure through the “Go Global Stream” of our 3U1M program, facilitating higher education, internships, job placements, and immigration opportunities worldwide.

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