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MS English ( Language & Literature )

Build the skills to lead in MS English (Language & Literature)

The MS English (Language & Literature) program at Superior University caters to the needs of ambitious scholars and professionals seeking advanced education in the field of English language and literature. This program offers an extensive curriculum that prioritizes advanced coursework and research, equipping students with specialized knowledge in various areas of English language and literature research, honing their ability to analyze and critique intricate texts and concepts.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum qualification: BS/16 years or 04 years Bachelor degree in the relevant field. Quality GAT General (NTS) with 50 % or GAT Subject (University) with 60%.

Semester 1

CoursesCredit Hours
Research Methods in Linguistics3
Linguistic Theories3
Elective -13
Elective -1I3

Semester 2

CoursesCredit Hours
Applied Grammar & Syntax3
Translation Studies3
Elective -1II3
Elective -1V3

Semester 3&4

CoursesCredit Hours
Thesis/ Research Dissertation6

Semester 4

Elective Subject
Discourse studies
Corpus linguistics

*To accommodate modern trends, Institute may reserve the right to change course requirements, fees, course classifications, course contents, class schedules, venues, faculty and the like, whenever it deems appropriate.