BSc aviation engineering technology - Superior University Lahore

BS Aviation Engineering Technology

Build the skills to lead in BS Aviation Engineering Technology

The Aviation Engineering Technology program at Superior University combines rigorous academic study with practical experience to prepare students to work in a diverse range of roles in the aviation industry. The faculty puts special emphasis on developing effective communication as well as planning and project management skills to foster passionate professionals to work in technical, supervisory, or management positions in the global aviation sector.

Eligibility Criteria

50% Marks in FSc. Pre Engineering/ICS/A Levels/ DAE or equivalent + Entry Test

Semester 1

CoursesCredit Hours
Aviation Physics3
Basic Aerodynamics3
Introduction to Aviation1
Electrical Terminologies and Functions2
Electrical Fundamentals4

Semester 2

CoursesCredit Hours
Communication Skills and ICAO English2
Aviation Legislation3
Electronics Fundamentals3
Aircraft Materials4
Aircraft Hardware & Workshop Practices4

Semester 3

CoursesCredit Hours
Aircraft Maintenance Practices4
Aircraft Weight & Balance1
Electrical Wiring and Interconnection system (EWIS)3
Technical Drawing & CAD1
Human Factors in Aviation3
Human Performance and Limitations2
Digital Electronics & Instrument Systems4

Semester 4

CoursesCredit Hours
Airframe Structures3
Flight Control systems3
Airframe Fuel Auxiliary Systems3
Landing Gear Systems2
Avionics Systems2
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems2
Airframe Assembly & Inspection2

Semester 5

CoursesCredit Hours
Power Plant Fuel and Auxiliary Systems3
Gas Turbine Engines3
Engine Monitoring Systems3
Power Plant Lubrication Systems1
Propeller Systems3
SS Elective-I (English Grammar and Composition)
Introduction to Computing in Aviation2

Semester 6

CoursesCredit Hours
Technical Elective-I2
Management Elective-I2
Engineering Ethics2
Computer Programming2
Active Citizenship Program3
Entrepreneurship in Aviation3

Semester 7

CoursesCredit Hours
Management Elective-II3
CS Elective-I2
NS Elective-I2
Islamic Studies2
Holy Quran0
Pak Studies2
Technical Report Writing2

Semester 8

CoursesCredit Hours
Supervised Industrial Training (SIT)16

*To accommodate modern trends, Institute may reserve the right to change course requirements, fees, course classifications, course contents, class schedules, venues, faculty and the like, whenever it deems appropriate.