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BS Civil Engineering

Build the skills to lead in BS civil engineering

The BS Civil Engineering program at Superior University is a distinguished academic pathway that prepares students for a promising career in the field of civil engineering. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the essential principles, theories, and practical applications of civil engineering. Students will gain a solid foundation in areas such as structural engineering, transportation systems, geotechnical engineering, and construction management. Through hands-on training, laboratory experiments, and industry collaborations, students will develop the necessary skills and expertise to design, construct, and maintain infrastructure projects. 

Eligibility Criteria

FSc pre-engineering/DAE or Equivalent with 60%
Marks + Entry Test

Semester 1

CoursesCredit Hours
Applied Physics3
Fundamentals of Electro-Mechanical
Computing Fundamentals4
Applied Calculus / Math-I3
Islamic Studies

Semester 2

CoursesCredit Hours
Engineering Surveying -I4
Pakistan Studies2
Differential Equations / Math-II3
Engineering Mechanics3
Engineering Drawing2
Construction Materials3

Semester 3

CoursesCredit Hours
Computer Aided Civil Engineering Design
& Graphics
Advanced Engineering Surveying - II3
Mechanics of Solids -I3
Fluid Mechanics - I3
Numerical Analysis3
Communication Skills2

Semester 4

CoursesCredit Hours
Applied Hydrology4
Quantity Surveying & Estimation2
Mechanics of Solids - II3
Applied Geology3
Fluid Mechanics-II4
Geotechnical Engineering-I3

Semester 5

CoursesCredit Hours
Geotechnical Engineering-II3
Technical Report Writing & Presentation skills2
Plain and Reinforced Concrete - I4
Probability & Statistics for Engineers Math IV
Structural Analysis - I3

Semester 6

CoursesCredit Hours
Structural Analysis-II3
Engineering Economics2
Transportation Engineering3
Hydraulic Engineering 3
Plain and Reinforced Concrete - II4
Social Entrepreneurship2

Semester 7

CoursesCredit Hours
Steel Structures3
Environmental Engineering4
Project Management2
Civil Engineering Project (FYP)3
GIS and Remote Sensing3
Structural Dynamics3

Semester 8

CoursesCredit Hours
Professional Ethics and Values2
Disaster Management2
Design of Structures4
Irrigation Engineering4
Final Year Project - II
Occupational Health and Safety1

*To accommodate modern trends, Institute may reserve the right to change course requirements, fees, course classifications, course contents, class schedules, venues, faculty and the like, whenever it deems appropriate.