Faculty of Social Sciences

Superior University’s Faculty of Social Sciences is dedicated to cultivating critically engaged, ethically conscious graduates. Through inventive learning methodologies, the highly qualified faculty encourages the challenging of conventional understanding and the production of new knowledge supported by robust evidence. Modern educational approaches empower students to analyze current and future concerns in media, sociology, politics, and psychology. Collaborative initiatives with external academics and think tanks provide theoretical and applied information, fostering specialized and multidisciplinary evidence for 21st-century solutions with a lasting academic and cultural impact on society.

Bachelors Programs

BS International relations

BS Clinical psychology

BS Political Science

BS Criminology

BS Public Policy & Governance

BS Mass Communication Management

BS digital media and broadcast journalism

MS Programs

MS Political Science

MS International relations

MS sociology

MS Clinical psychology

M.Phil Program

M.Phil Mass Communication Management

Ph.D Program

Ph.D Communications Studies

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum educational qualification

Most programs require applicants to have passed their intermediate-level education (HSC or equivalent) with a minimum grade point average (GPA). The required GPA may vary depending on the program.

English language proficiency

As Superior University's medium of instruction is English, applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency. This can be done through tests like IELTS or TOEFL, or through evidence of having studied in an English-medium school/college.

Entrance test

Some programs may require applicants to take an entrance test specific to the program. This is usually done to assess the applicant's aptitude for the field of study.

Dean's Message

I welcome you to the world of people, media, business, communities and relationships. You are becoming a part of bigger, bolder superior, where ideas and initiatives are always welcomed and encouraged to create new understanding of relevant knowledge and its implementation through experiential learning. We believe in delivering quality education structured upon techniques of outcome-based education and project-based learning. Your years with us will make you observant, analytical and diversified through our teaching and learning pedagogies. Your research abilities, handing information and firm footed attitude to meet life scenarios will be polished to make you an asset for professional world. From mentoring to sociopreneurship, you will be trained to create valued impact in society. The vibrant campus life at Superior will become a memory filled with joy and learning to support and guide you through every phase of life. Our integrated business units like Neo TV, Lahore Rang, Ekselent TV, Daily Nai Baat, and FM 106.6 are the mediums to help you learn the art of communication and make a difference. In the faculty of Social Sciences, your journey is going to be that of a social science expert, to help you live personally and professionally successful life.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nizamuddin

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty Members

Abbas Rahid

Abbas Rashid

Senior Lecturer

Asim Manzoor

Asim Manzoor

Assistant Professor

Bushra Rfique

Bushra Rafique

Sr. Lecturer

Dr. Sajid Hussain

Dr. Sajid Hussain

Assistant Professor

Hina Gull

Hina Gull



Saba Sajid


Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nizam ud din 

Dr. Zubair Mahmood

Dr. Sajid Hussain

Dr. Faizullah 

Dr.  Asim Manzoor

Ms. Hina Gul

Ms. Bushra Rafiq

Mr. Abbas Rashid

Ms. Hina Gul

Ms. Sobia Abbas


Mr. Tariq Aziz

Mr. Muhammad Umar Saeed

Mr. Muhammad Farhan Taj

Mr. Saba Sajid

Mr. Mujeeb Riaz

Mr. Rana Waqas

Mr. Muhammad Waqas

Mr. Atif Riaz

Ms. Sadaf Azam

Ms. Maryam 

Ms. Saman Riaz


Ms. Abida Sarwar

Mr. Qasim Sandhu

Mr. Rohail Asghar 

Ms. Aqsa Zahid 

Mr. Nadeem Akhtar

Mr. Zubair Sajid

Mr. Adnan Khalid

Ms. Rabika Nadeem

Mr. Aqib Ijaz

Ms. Saira Majid 


Faculty Members

Superior University, Sub Campuses

Name of Faculty Member

Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz 

Dr. Muhammad Saleem Mohsin

Dr Muhammad Obaid Aslam

Dr Amaria Atta

Dr Arooj Zahra Rizvi

Dr. Muhammad Asif Awan

Dr. Jamil Asghar

Dr. Muhammad Furqan 

Dr. Ehtesham ul Haq 

Dr. Ahmad Bilal

Dr. Wajid Ali

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Sarfraz Gazani

Ms. Asma saeed

Mr. M Mudassir Mehmood

M Riaz Qadir

Mr. Rizwan Hussain

Mr. Sufyan Afzal


Name of Faculty Member

Dr Masud Akhtar

Dr Muhammad Nawaz

Dr. Noor ul Hassan

Dr. Muhammad Imran

Ms. Tuba Sarfraz

Ms. Rafia Batool

Ms. Umm e Farwa Khan

Ms. Somia Tariq 

Mr. Muhammad Waseem

Mr. Zohaib Hassan

Mr. Muhammad Shahid