Fine Arts or Architecture

When deciding a major at university, it is normal to overthink and doubt your judgment. Especially for art students who are interested in various sub-fields of the greater subject, it is often very confusing to pick one.

If this is your dilemma too, then we hope after reading this piece you will find yourself at least one step closer to your final decision.

The two fields that are under consideration here are Fine Arts and Architecture. Let’s dive right in.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts refers to a group of different art forms. These include designing, painting, sculpting, interior design, photography, music, and architecture. Yes, even architecture is a part of this bigger discipline by definition. Usually, in Fine Arts programs all of these are touched upon and the basics covered before the student chooses what they would like to specialize in.

Some fields within this greater group such as Architecture and Music have now been established as separate programs altogether.

When you choose to study Fine Arts, you have the option to explore multiple forms of art and then focus on one for your research project or thesis.

Scope of Fine Arts:

Fine Arts students can work as painters, textile designers, interior designers, sculptors, and jewelry or accessory designers. They can also choose to work in fashion or as digital illustrators. The possibilities are endless.


The fashion and arts industry in Pakistan is now on the rise with ecommerce becoming more and more popular and small businesses surfacing every day. On top of this there are many big companies around that work in the field of arts be it furniture designing, fashion, and accessories, or simply dealing in the artwork.


Architecture is a specific field of study. Architecture is an amalgamation of art and science and is concerned with the designing and engineering of large structures. These structures include buildings and monuments etc.


So a student with a degree in Architecture will study both aspects of the field (the art and the science) in detail and learn to design and engineer buildings.

Scope of Architecture:

For the qualified and driven architect, there is no shortage of work in a developing country like Pakistan. Architects can find work opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

There is room for creativity in this field but it also involves science and engineering.

A Final Comparison

The approach of both these fields is different.

Fine Arts is more of a general study of a variety of art types and affords more freedom to the student to pursue the field which they like best or which is their strong suit. On the other hand, Architecture is an exclusive field of work.

However, the array of subjects in Fine Arts means that a Bachelor’s degree won’t suffice if you are looking to specialize, whereas a Bachelors in Architecture has specialized value.

It completely depends on the student’s interests and strengths.

If you want to work purely in Arts, getting a degree in Fine Arts will probably suit you more. While if you know that your ultimate goal is to design buildings, then you might as well cut to the chase and go for a degree exclusively in Architecture.