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Freshman Semester

What is Freshman Program?

The Freshman Program at Superior University serves as the foundational steppingstone for students’ academic and personal growth. This immersive experience introduces students to essential life management skills and is guided by supportive life coaches who facilitate a smooth transition into university life. The program emphasizes the development of forward-looking personality traits that align with students’ professional aspirations, nurturing a holistic development approach. It encompasses a diverse array of modules that equip students with crucial skills such as emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial mindset, effective communication, and time management. This transformative journey does not only prepare students for the demands of the 21st-century job market, but also empowers them to emerge as well-rounded individuals poised for success in their academic pursuits and beyond.

What do you learn?

The Freshman Semester enables the students to kickstart their academic journey with a clarity of purpose by guiding them on the why and how of their career objectives with the help of several life-changing modules including:

Modules and Learning Outcomes

Power of Belief

Ignites aspirations with the undeniable vigour of belief, clearing the path for personal and academic triumph.

Emotional Intelligence

Develops an ability to understand and manage the emotional and human side of yourself and others.

Entrepreneurial Mindset in Action

Transforms young minds to grow and become job creators.

Leadership and Teamwork

Fosters the vision to know, show, and go the way.

Design Thinking

Trains human-centred problem solvers.

Art of Communication

Builds confident speakers who can eloquently express what is in their hearts and minds.

Time and Stress Management

Breeds the mental fortitude to manage time and dodge the anxiety of workload.

Building Social Capital

Augments networking skills through interaction, cooperation, and collaboration.

Developing Socially Responsible Youth

Empowers youth to undertake community development initiatives to serve humanity.

Dynamics of a Semester System

Highlights the particulars of the whole academic journey.

IQ Accelerator

Helps imagine a fulfilling academic journey and a rewarding professional career.

Brand Yourself

Facilitates the exploration, identification, and definition of a new self.

Digital Literacy

Harnesses the ability to use technology to navigate, evaluate, and create information.

Exploring Plan EQ

Explores the ever-evolving mechanism of a truly expansive ecosystem for meaningful student engagement.


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