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Giving to Superior University

Giving to Superior University enables you to participate in what you love, offers you a sense of ownership over your alma mater, and fosters close relationships on campus. Your monetary support will be appreciated and will leave a lasting impression on the university. If you could help Superior University financially, you would be ensuring that we can keep giving thousands of students the greatest education possible each year. Participate in ensuring the Superior University student body receives a top-notch education today and in the future. Even a tiny contribution can have a significant impact, and in addition to setting an example for future students to follow, you are also influencing current students.

The areas listed below are just a few examples of how your donations might be used

  • Scholarship for deserving students
  • Superior Library
  • Equipment’s for Labs
  • You are free to make donations for any other specific cause you want.

Deposit Options

Donations can be deposited through ATM, online banking, in any branch of ________ or in Superior Alumni relation office.


Account Title:

Account Number:

Branch Name:


Note:  Please send scanned copy of deposit slip at
Cheques should be made payable to the “__________________________________”.

Postal Address
Superior Alumni relations office
The Superior Group 57-L Block
Gulberg 3 Lahore