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About (ICPD)

ICPD is a state-of-the-art International Center for Socio-Economic &
Enviro-Legal Advanced Studies which will hold a leadership role to
create “Superior Executives” through professional up-skilling & re-
skilling and make them familiar with emerging new branches of


Pakistan needs a state-of-the-art international center for socio-economic
& enviro-legal professional advanced studies which will hold a
leadership role to create “Superior Executives” through Professional Up-
Skilling & Re-Skilling to make them familiar with emerging new
branches of knowledge that will boost the pace of the emerging Green
Revolution by creating high-paying jobs, accessible through professional
capacity building by developing research facilities in conformity with
the new Environmental World Order.


ICPD believes in the philosophy of Good Governance of Sustainable
Development contribute to designing a future where social, economic,
environmental and legal considerations are balanced in the pursuit of
improved quality of life by creating and maintaining a harmonious
relationship between Man and Nature.

Programmers offered by (ICPD)



Diploma programmers

Taxation law

Significance and Scope of Income Tax Ordinance(ITO)

  • Heads of Income

  •  Deductible Allowances

  •  Tax Credits

  •  Adjustable & Final/Fix Tax

  •  Tax Chargeable & reductions

  •  Elaboration of Personal Expenses

  •  Elaboration of Personal Assets liabilities

  •  Concept of Minimum Tax

  •  Income Tax Authorities

  •  Offences, Penalties & Appeals

  •  Registration Process

  •  Basic Concept of Filing (IRIS Portal) 

Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act, 2012

  • Classification of Services

  • Tax Hierarchy

  • Offenses/Penalties

  • Registration Process

  • Basic Concept of Filing (PRAL Portal)

Corportae law

Nature of Businesses / Business Registrations

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Working on IRIS

AOP (Association of Persons)

  • Drafting of Partnership deed

  • Manual/online Filing procedure

  • Elaboration of forms C & D pertaining to Partnership

  • NTN Generation of Partnership

  • E Stamp

  • Return filing of AOP


  • Companies ACT, 2017

  • Nature of companies

  • Registration of Persons

  • Name Search

  • Incorporation Procedure

  • Filing of Different Forms

  • Requirements after Incorporation of Company

  • Basic taxation of Company

  • Research Report

Intellectual property

Trade Mark

  • Introduction to Fringement & Infringement

Copy Rights

  • Introduction, Concepts & Extent of Protection,

    Registration Procedure


  • Introduction, Basic Concept, Registration Process

Design Rights

  • Introduction, Basic Concepts, Registration of Design

  • Competition Commission Law

White-collar crime
& forensic investigation

Criminalistics (Science and Law Today)

  • Pattern and Impression Evidence

  • Cross Cutting Forensic Evidence

  • Crime Scene Management

White Collar Crimes

  • Electronic Money Laundering

  • Drug Related Issues

  • Sports and Crime

Criminal Investigation

  • Procedure and Report

Criminal Justice System

  • Juvenile Justice System Act, 2018

  • Working of Police, Governmental Agencies,

    Prosecution Department, Courts of Law

  • Conviction/ Prison / Probation

Crime Psychology

  • Criminal Behavior, Mental Disorder and the Law

  • Courtroom Psychology

Criminology & security studies

Crime Science

  • Crime & Criminality

  • Modern Concepts in Contemporary?

Counter- Terrorism and Security Studies

  • Introduction to Security

  • Security Act, 2015

  • Role of Forensic in Security

  • Investigation Procedures for Security or Terrorism


  • Evolution of Modern Terrorism – Theoretical


  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Threats

  • Present and Future Conflicts

  • Nuclear / Bio Terrorism

Control of Narcotic substances

  • Control of Narcotics Substance Act, 2019

  • Legal and Institutional Framework for Narcotics


Cyber Crime and Counter Measures

  • The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016

Training workshops offered by (ICPD)

Block Chain and Cryptocurrencies

Content Writing

Conflict Resolution

Leadership Development

Negotiation & Influence

Effective Communication Skills Training

Digital Marketing

Digital Supply Chain Management