International Medical Conference 2024 - Superior University Lahore

International Medical Conference 2024


5-8 March, 2024


Superior University, Main Campus 17 KM, Main Raiwind Road, Lahore, Punjab.

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The 2nd International Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences Conference

he upcoming conference, centered on the theme “transforming healthcare using artificial intelligence,” promises to be a groundbreaking opportunity for educators, administrators, and stakeholders in the medical field to explore the revolutionary potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare education. The event will encompass a range of sub-themes, including curriculum development, virtual reality, personalized learning, assessment and evaluation, ethical considerations, industry collaboration, and data security, with the aim of advancing medical education in the AI era.

The event’s program includes pre-conference activities to familiarize participants with the basics of AI in medical education, utilizing webinars and engaging content on social media platforms. Additionally, hands-on training workshops before the conference will offer practical guidance in creating AI-enhanced educational content, designing immersive medical simulations, personalizing learning pathways, implementing AI-backed assessment tools, and ensuring data privacy and security within AI-driven medical education environments.

This event promises to be a dynamic platform for cross-sector collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange, with the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals are educated and trained. Participants will gain valuable insights into the intersection of AI and medical education and will be well-prepared to navigate the ethical, regulatory, and technological challenges posed by this transformative field.

“A.I. Horizons in Medicine & Dentistry: Navigating the Future”

AI Horizons in Medicine: Navigating the Future of Healthcare” delves into the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence on medical education, patient care, and research. This event explores personalized learning experiences for medical students, enhanced diagnostics through advanced algorithms, and AI’s role in accelerating medical research and drug discovery. The synergy between AI and healthcare is reshaping the industry, promising improved outcomes and unprecedented possibilities. Join us to explore AI’s transformative journey in medicine, addressing applications, ethical considerations, and collaborative efforts shaping the future of healthcare delivery.


  • A.I. in advancing Medical & Dental Education
  • A.I. in Redefining Healthcare Research and Advancing Knowledge
  • AI in Healthcare Diagnostics, Delivery & Management
  • A.I. as a Catalyst in Academia-Industry Synergy

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