International Office

The International Office

Our aim is to provide students and faculty at Superior University with adequate opportunities to gain international exposure via exchange programs.

Having partners in over 15 countries, the International Office sends students and faculty for training programs, cultural exchange programs, research programs and academic exchange programs. The sole aim of the office is to expand the horizons of our superheroes by providing them the best opportunities.


Asad Ullah Sheikh

Asad Ullah Sheikh


Hammad Noor

Hammad Noor Ahmed

International Office Coordinator

Ayesha Mubashir

Ayesha Mubashir

Senior Manager

Fareeha Maryam Arshad

Freeha Maryum Arshad

Manager Business Development

Dua Amjad

Dua Amjad

PR Manager

Ayma Javed

Ayma Javed

PR Manager

Amna Bibi

Amna Bibi

Office Executive

Nur Bano Zafar

Nur Banu Zafar

Communication Manager

Ahmed Ali

Ahmad Ali

Office Executive

Hira Fatima

Hira Fatima

Executive Graphic Designer

Zubair Khan

Zubair Khan

Communications Executive


Create international linkages for all verticals of Superior’s educational initiatives by providing opportunities to students and faculty to showcase their work and gain global exposure

Semester Exchange Program


– Superior University is partner with 164 academic institutions around the globe.
– International Office of Superior University has sent the second-highest number of students in Pakistan for the Exchange Program around the globe across all the universities in the country.
– Exchange Outbound Students = 104 (till Spring 2021)

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Application process is mainly supervised by the team at the International Office of Superior University and the students can apply from all over the world at any time of the year through different social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more. The students are expected to provide all the required personal and academic documents along with the Visa Application forms to begin with the admission process.

Listed below are the documents for the Application process:

Documents required:

  • Scanned Passport
  • Passport size pictures: 4
  • Previous academic documents
  • Valid visa (if student is in Pakistan)

After the successful submission of all the documents and fulfilling the eligibility criteria, the students then become part of the Superior University and experience the best time of their lives!

Foreign Students
Student Training Programs
Annual Events

Foreign Students

The foreign students are just like the steel bridges that connect Superior University with the rest of the world. Every year, Superior University proudly welcomes international students. We have students in different departments; Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, CS&IT, Faculty of Engineering & Technology & Department of Nursing. Total 94 students are enrolled in The Superior University.

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Foreign Students

ASAP (African Students Association- Pakistan)

Superior University has launched a social and collaborative students’ union this year known as the African students’ Association- Pakistan- (ASAP) which is open to every foreign student from all around Pakistan. It intends to represent different cultures, languages and countries on and off campus, involve everyone to educate and learn from one another while making new friends and feeling like home away from home.

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African Foreng Students

University of Arizona Global Location Pakistan in Partnership with Superior University

University of Arizona is ranked in the top 1% universities of the world. UA opened 650+ Global Locations and 126+ global campuses in 43 countries, adding Pakistan to the list in 2020, offering 60+ graduate and undergraduate programs. Superior University is the exclusive country partner of UA, providing an opportunity to thousands of Pakistani students to obtain a US degree without traveling to USA. Through this partnership, the tuition fee is reduced by 86% for Pakistani students who enroll through the Global Location, all students can transfer to the main campus in USA at any point during their degrees If students complete a minimum of 1 year in USA, they can apply for a one-year work permit. The students who complete their studies at Global Location can also attend their convocation in USA. The entire curriculum and content are taught to Global Location students online by UA faculty, leaving no difference in academic quality of education as compared to main campus. The enrolled students get access to UA student portal in which they can enroll and add/drop courses, pay the semester fee and set appointments with their advisor as well, the LMS (D2L) portal gives them access to recorded lectures, assignments, exams, courses details and an option to set an appointment with their faculty at any time. The degree awarded to students of Global Location is the same as the degree awarded to students at the main campus, The partnership with Superior University enables students to get facilitation and support during their entire application, admission procedure and enrollment. All students are offered essential campus facilities at the Superior University campus including internet, library, faculty support and other campus facilities.

University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona

Application Process

Program Fee
For undergraduate: $200/credit hour (Approx. $6000/year)
For graduate: $300/credit hour (Approx. $9000 in total)

Email: globalpakistan@arizona.edu
Contact: +92 309 5653748 | +92 302 7888001 | +92 333 4060350

International Week
International Conference Participations

NAFSA 2018, APAIE 2018, EURIE 2018 and 2019

NAFSA Association of International Educators2018 (Washington DC):  

The 2018 annual conference theme, “Diverse Voices, Shared Commitment,” highlighted the value and power of diverse voices that lead to more authentic collaborations and speak to alternative narratives that challenge old ideas and focus on new solutions and opportunities. Superior representatives attended the conference, took part in professional learning sessions, presented at the international poster fair and celebrated diversity with participants from different parts of the world.

APAIE Asia-Pacific Association for International Education-2018 (Singapore):

The theme of APAIE 2018 was: “The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Higher Education in the Asia Pacific.”

Superior participated in the conference as well as exhibition and discussed as how 4th Industrial Revolution affecting and transforming higher education, and how Higher Education can cope up with this fast pace of revolution.

EURIE (Eurasia Higher Education Summit) 2018 and 2019

Superior participated in Eurasia Higher Education Summit in Istanbul for consecutively two years i.e 2018 and 2019. The summit invites academics and higher education professionals from across the world for conference and exhibition. Superior broadened its international network through participation in the conference as well as exhibition for two consecutive years


Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad Program is a program for final year students in which they learn about international opportunities to pursue further studies.They are assisted in the application process, personal statement, visa processing and personal grooming needed for studying abroad.

Pre-departure training program

All students traveling to foreign universities, either through exchange programs or for further studies, are enrolled in a mandatory pre-departure training program for 1-2 weeks. The students are briefed about their travel details, personal grooming, communications, food and lodging, currency and cost management etc.


Summer Entrepreneurship Program

A 2-week program for budding entrepreneurs on ‘How to Start a Startup’. Students from foreign universities are invited for the program and international trainers are taken on board to ensure effectiveness of the training sessions. This is coupled with cultural exposure for all foreign students by arranging activities in the famous city of Lahore.

The participants also get a chance to participate in Pakistan’s largest entrepreneurial expo, the ‘Superior Entrepreneurial Expo’.


Education Fair

The International Office and Breeo arrange an Education Fair to bring a plethora of opportunities from various foreign consultation companies and alumni of international universities.

Rectors’ Conference

Rectors and VCs of Pakistan’s leading universities are gathered at one platform to discuss the issues being faced in Higher Education and devise solutions for them using SDGs.