Textile Industry Saturated in Pakistan

The main concern most students have these days before deciding to pick a subject for their Bachelor’s degree is to check market saturation.

It is a very valid concern as research into these things will prepare you for what’s to come when you step into the market.

The Textile Industry in Pakistan

Textile and garments have been one of the biggest industries in Pakistan for quite some time now.

Pakistan also exports a substantial amount of garments thus partnering with big international clothing brands.

What does this mean for the industry though? Is it a reflection of its success?

There are a lot of factors that go into the spread or demise of an industry. Taxes and production costs are some of them.

While it is true that the business environment at the moment is a little uncertain, it does not mean that there is no future for a textile designer in Pakistan.

Ultimately, Pakistan’s varying climate and the presence of both western and eastern styles of clothing and fashion mean that there is plenty of room in our fashion and clothing industry still.

On top of this, fashion is not the only place where a degree in textile design comes in handy.

Two types of businesses based on textile designing

  1. Fashion
  2. Homeware (furnishings etc)

If you are not interested in fashion or garment designing, there are a plethora of options available in the homeware industry. Upholstery, bedding, rugs and carpets, tapestries, and everything in between are all direct products of the furnishings industry. They all have a textile designer behind them.

Business Opportunities

This is the best time for small businesses in Pakistan. With an ever growing emphasis on exclusive possessions and their use as being reflections of the owner’s personality, chances of becoming the provider of these novel items are great.

The market is out there, you just need the eye to enter it and offer the kind of value people need.

The internet and the fast growing e-commerce network also means that you can start small with little investment and grow as you go.

In a nutshell

The possibilities for success in this field are just as good as they are in any other. If you have a knack for design and feel you can anticipate trends and have enough understanding of the market to make the most of them, a degree in textile design will serve you well.