Journals List

Our Journals List

Sr. No.Journal NameDepartment/FacultyStatusURL
1.International Journal of Management Research and Emerging SciencesBusiness and Management SciencesUpgraded
2.International Journal of Research in Economics and CommerceEconomics and CommerceNew
3.International Journal of Business and Finance ImplicationsEconomics and CommerceNew
4.Journal of Innovative Computing and Emerging TechnologiesComputer Sciences and Information TechnologyNew
5.International Journal of Sciences and Emerging TechnologiesEngineering and TechnologyNew
6.Journal of Biological and Allied Health SciencesAllied Health SciencesNew
7.The Superior Journal of Physical Therapy & RehabilitationPhysiotherapyNew
8.International Journal of Pharmacy and Integrated Health SciencesPharmacyNew
9.Superior Journal of Medical EducationMedicalNew