Learning Superior Lifestyle

Learning Superior LifeStle
Learning Superior LifeStyles

Islam provides comprehensive and complete guidelines for its followers to lead an ideal life. Teachings of Islam extend beyond rituals and religious dogmas encompassing all faucet of human life including social, economic, political, moral, and spiritual matters.

Superior University being a leading educational and learning platform, conducted various unique, influential and interactive online sessions with renowned Islamic scholars of Pakistan including Dr. Allama M. Hussain Akbar, Orya Maqbool Jan, Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer, Naeem Butt, Shuja Uddin Sheikh and Dr. Allama Raghib Naeemi with the aim of providing providing Islamic knowledge and relevance to daily lives of the youth.

Among the dignitaries was Superior Group’s Director Public Relations & Communications and a renowned educationist & media personality, Haseeb Khan who hosted all these thought provoking sessions very effectively. Each aspect of discussion was thoroughly debated in connection with Islamic teachings and how they can create Superior Lifestyle and Superior Pakistan.

The concept and efforts from Superior University were highly applauded and appreciated by all participating scholars who marked this initiative as the key step towards education of our youth on basic Islamic teachings. Through a fusion of Superior values and principals with an exemplary life under religious principals in modern times, these sessions herald a Superior Islamic Lifestyle.