MS Urdu

MS Urdu at Superior University is enriched with subjects for superb lingual mastery. Students having an aptitude for learning Urdu can exceptionally excel in the fields of teaching, journalism, and literature in Pakistan. This degree will equip students with power of expression for feature writing, Urdu blogging and editorial writing in the most leading newspapers being published in the national language.

16 years of Education from a recognized institution. Admission Test +Interview At least 2nd division or 2.00 CGPA out of 4.00 in one of the following subjects: BS Urdu, MA Urdu, BS Iqbaliat, MA Iqbaliat, BS Punjabi, MA Punjabi, BS Arabic, MA Arabic, BS Persian, MA Persian

Semester 1

Course Credit Hours
Assol e Tahqeeq aur Riwayat3
Tanqeed aur is k Mubahis3

Semester 2

CourseCredit Hours
Assol e Tadveen aur Riwayat3
Aaham Adabi Rujhanat3
Aamli Tanqeed3

Semester 3

CourseCredit Hours
Taqabli Mutaliya Adbiyat3
Tarjuma Assol aur Riwayat3
Total 6

Semester 4

CourseCredit Hours
Urdu mai Mutalia Iqbal k rewayat3
ilm e maini, biyan, badi o Aaroz3
Research Thesis6

To accommodate modern trends, Institute may reserve the right to change course requirements, fees, course classifications, course contents, class schedules, venues, faculty and the like, whenever it deems appropriate