Superior University has collaborated with Coursera for Faculty Development

Faculty Development Program
Faculty Development Program

The Superior University is following its own vision with precision and this time it is the Rector’s Faculty Development Program which made in direct connection with the world renowned online learning medium named “Coursera”. The faculty members will be in a better position to enhance and upgrade their skills set, knowledgebase and to get benefit from the latest researches which are happening at international level in different subjects. The Coursera provides an online platform to develop a virtual connection with the most renowned universities and research institutions of the world.

Coursera’s available facility for free and online education program access, and the multiple projects will definitely enable the Superior University’s faculty members to adapt with the dynamic revolutions which are happening in the fields of their studies and subjects. They can access The Yale University, IBM, Google, University of Michigan, University of London and many other prestigious organization which are offering free courses through the platform of Coursera. It means that the faculty members will have a broader scope, and especially in these times of pandemic when online education is not taken up as a choice but as a compulsion.

The Rector Superior University “Dr. Sumaira Rehman” has taken this initiative as to introduce the university’s faculty members to another global platform for learning enhancements. It will happen with the ease of internet connection, and the Coursera apps, as a source of study with additional emails and online groups are available for a better correspondence and coordination. These courses and certification will lead the faculty members at the Superior University towards an edge of having a highly rich profile, and later serving the students with knowledge transfer of the latest developments in their courses and programs…!!