Department of Public Relations

Department of Public Relations (Corporate Relations)

Public relations (PR) are all about managing reputation. It is an ongoing effort to create and maintain a positive image of the institute in the eyes of the public. We feel it is important that the public thinks about us in a positive way because every organization needs to be trusted and supported by their target audience.

The Superior PR Office aims to enhance communications and relationships with all stakeholders of the group. These include faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, industry, visitors, the media, research sponsors, other educators, and the general public and government leaders at all levels.

Alumni Relations Office

Alumni Relations office is a platform for the institute and its alumni to promote interaction by providing networking opportunities, sharing of experiences, mentoring, appreciating and highlighting their accomplishments that may contribute to their personal and professional lives.



  • I have experienced a supportive behavior from the faculty over the years. I learned my professional and technical skills from there to gain a professional attitude. Superior University professors always focus on personality building and provide a platform with a freedom to explore one’s own ideas

    Sohail Ahmed
    Manager IT & SAP
  • Member of Middle East Society of Human Resources Managaement (MESHRM), the only HR society in the Middle East.
    “Superior plays a vital role to develop mindsets, self-esteem and a positive attitude. Superior has some top-notch programming for career development and teaching resources. I stretch myself to a new limit with each passing day.”

    Junaid Husnain
    Senior HR Generalist (IMS Health and Quintles – IQVIA)
  • Superior made me able to choose my career path without any restrictions and boundaries. Through professional skills development, I was able to explore new horizons after graduation. I’m also grateful to my University for the international exposure it gave me and the amazing people who continue to support me

    Faisal Muneer Awan
    Principal IT Security (IBEX Global – TRG)
  • Superior University has helped me to make a huge leap forward in my life. Here you will find a perfect career Launchpad and a unique gateway to the network of the best business schools and corporate partners worldwide

    Ch. Luqman Jajja
    Executive Director ( WBM Group of Companies )
  • Superior has helped me in my personal and professional career more than I could have imagined. Not only do I have increased competencies in financial analysis, but the personal interactions with the faculty and staff prepared me for life in a complex corporate environment. The technical analysis I obtained have made me much a more efficient and effective business partner and leader

    Muhammad Iqbal Baig
    Regional Head Sales, Alliances & Loyalty (First Microfinance Bank )