Research Week, Superior University

Strategic Objective
The following Strategic Objective has been defined for the ‘Research Week’ initiative:
“Support Knowledge Exchange Activities through continuous engagement with academic/sectoral collaborators.”

Research Week Theme –
Featuring UN SDG No. 4

Introduction – What is Research Week?

Research Week is an initiative of ORIC Superior conceived in the light of directions by Rector Superior University, Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman. The objective of this year’s Research Week is “Celebrate and Communicate.” The focus of Superior University’s Research Week is the celebration of research and associated knowledge production activities within the university and in the larger community, as well as the dissemination of knowledge outputs, particularly faculty accomplishments. In March 2022, the first Research Week was organized, with an emphasis on internal stakeholders and faculty and graduate student capacity building. In order to expand the reach of information exchange activities to external stakeholders, this year’s Research Week has been planned by ORIC in conjunction with several faculties to build on the efforts made during the inaugural Research Week.

Research Week

This year’s Research Week has been planned from December 1-11, 2022 and this extended week will focus on the external stakeholder engagement. These external stakeholders will comprise national and international academic institutions including research institutes, industry, government departments, regulatory bodies, other public sector entities, development partners, international organizations, and embassy representatives. The knowledge exchange activities during the week will comprise conferences, symposiums, seminars, talk sessions, training workshops, exhibitions, a cultural festival, and a brand launch.       

Each knowledge exchange activity will target a specific set of stakeholders and provides the university with a broad spectrum of stakeholders for networking and outreach. The event-specific outreach and networking will be undertaken by the respective faculties whereas the overall/cumulative outreach will be undertaken by the Marketing and Communication Department keeping in line with the objectives of the week.

Objectives of the Week

Objectives specific to the Research Week are the following:

  1. To promote research culture at the university and inculcate the leadership’s vision in faculty and students
  2. To organize and engage in meaningful knowledge exchange activities with a broad range of stakeholders
  3. To capacitate young researchers of the university and researchers from the wider community for undertaking impactful research
  4. To position Superior University as an emerging research-intensive HEI at national and international levels

Outreach and Engagement with Sectoral and Academic Partners

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National Speakers

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Industrial Collaborators

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Public Sector Collaborators

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Private Sector Collaborators

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International Speakers

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Government Agencies & Departments

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Calendar of Knowledge Exchange Activities in the Research Week

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