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Governance and Support

Governance and Support

Superior University places a strong emphasis on research governance to ensure the highest standards of ethical and academic integrity in its research endeavors. The institution has established comprehensive guidelines and protocols for the conduct of research, which encompass ethical considerations, data management, research funding, and collaborations. Superior University promotes a culture of responsible research, where faculty and students are encouraged to adhere to ethical principles and maintain transparency throughout the research process.

Superior University is committed to fostering a vibrant research culture and providing comprehensive research support to its faculty and students.

We support faculty and students in;

Funding Opportunities: Secure the resources you need for ground-breaking research projects with our access to internal and external funding sources.

Internal Funding: Take advantage of our exclusive internal funding programs designed to support faculty members’ research initiatives, giving you a competitive edge in securing the necessary resources.

Grant Proposal Support: Our expert team will guide you through the grant proposal process, enhancing your chances of securing funding for your research endeavours.

Collaboration Made Easy: Connect with fellow faculty members and external partners for impactful research collaborations, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange.

IP Management and Commercialization: We’ll help you navigate the complex world of intellectual property, enabling you to protect and monetize your research outcomes.

Accelerate Technology Transfer: Explore commercialization opportunities for your research findings, connecting with industry partners, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Research Ethics and Compliance: Stay on the right side of ethical guidelines and regulatory requirements with our guidance and support throughout your research journey.

Enhance Your Skills: Take advantage of our capacity building programs, workshops, and training sessions to sharpen your research skills and stay ahead in your field.

Gain Visibility and Recognition: Showcase your research through publications, conferences, and symposiums, establishing your presence and reputation in the academic community.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Access our cutting-edge research facilities and resources to conduct ground-breaking research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge.

Expand Your Network: Join our vibrant research community, connect with experts, and explore multidisciplinary collaborations to drive innovation and stay informed about emerging trends.

Research Incentive Awards: Benefit from our research incentive awards specifically designed to recognize and reward faculty members for their outstanding research publications. Showcase your contributions and gain recognition within the academic community.

Customized Reports and Presentations: Receive clear and concise reports and presentations that summarize the data analysis findings. We present the information in a way that facilitates straightforward communication and aids your decision-making process.

Databases and Tools

  • Turnitin
  • EndNote
  • Scopus
  • ResearchGate
  • Google Scholar
  • Mendeley
  • Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCID)

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Get in touch with our ORIC team

For more information and support, please feel free to get in touch with our Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) team members.

Dr. Shafaat Ahmed Bazaaz

Director ORIC

Faiza Ali

Assistant Manager Research, ORIC