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Our Research Performance

Our Research Performance

Theme-Wise Research Impact

At Superior University, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world by aligning our research themes with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Our dedication to sustainability is embedded in our academic culture, and each faculty plays a crucial role in addressing global challenges according to their strengths and expertise.

Our Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) serves as the driving force behind our research initiatives. ORIC regularly updates our university's researchers and the community on the progress and performance of high-priority research areas aligned with the UN SDGs.

To explore our research publications and citations and learn more about our commitment to sustainability, please visit: https://oric.superior.edu.pk/research/publication-citation/

Multidisciplinary Research Groups

At Superior University, we believe that collaboration and expertise are the key drivers of meaningful change. That's why we've established dedicated research groups within each faculty, each with a unique mission to tackle pressing global challenges.

Our research groups are vibrant hubs of innovation and knowledge, where passionate researchers and experts come together to explore, discover, and devise solutions that can transform our world. Whether it's addressing environmental sustainability, advancing healthcare, improving education access, or fostering innovation and technology, our teams are at the forefront of progress.
These groups embody our commitment to aligning our efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and making a positive impact on society. These are where ideas flourish, and solutions are born.

Research Network and Collaborations

We recognize the immense power of partnerships and collaborations in advancing knowledge and addressing complex global challenges. Our Research Network and Collaborations are at the heart of this transformative effort.

We have forged robust connections with leading institutions, research organizations, and experts worldwide to foster a dynamic environment for research and innovation. These collaborations span a wide array of disciplines and align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), making our impact truly global.

Our Research Network serves as a vibrant platform for researchers, students, and professionals to connect, share ideas, and engage in groundbreaking projects that transcend boundaries. By harnessing the collective wisdom and diverse perspectives of our global partners, we are working together to find solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues.

To learn more about our Research Network and Collaborations and to discover how you can become a part of this global community dedicated to positive change, please visit: https://oric.superior.edu.pk/research/external-relations/.

Research Projects

Superior University is committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creating practical solutions for the world's most challenging problems. Our Research Projects stand as testaments to this commitment, representing a dynamic tapestry of innovation, dedication, and expertise.

Within our research ecosystem, these projects serve as catalysts for change, driving us closer to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). From groundbreaking advancements in science and technology to transformative initiatives in healthcare, education, and beyond, our projects cover a wide spectrum of critical areas.

Our researchers and teams are at the forefront of these projects, pushing the envelope of what's possible and pioneering new frontiers of knowledge. These endeavors are where inspiration meets application, where ideas turn into impactful solutions.

To explore our diverse portfolio of Research Projects and witness the impact of our relentless pursuit of excellence, please visit: https://oric.superior.edu.pk/research/research-projects/

Superior Impact Fund

Superior Impact Fund (SIF) is an internal research grant of Superior University for funding research projects on competitive merit for high-quality and promising scientific research that demonstrate strategic relevance and cast impact to the local industry and society. The program is open for contributions related to applied research.

SIF aims to stimulate scientific excellence and the advancement of knowledge by allowing researchers the freedom to formulate by themselves the research concept and method.

To explore more details, please visit:https://oric.superior.edu.pk/sif/

Get in touch with our ORIC team

For more information and support, please feel free to get in touch with our Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) team members.

Dr. Shafique Ahmed

Manager Innovation and Commercialization, ORIC

Hamid Masood

Deputy Director, Oric