Social Entrepreneurship Program

What is ETTP?

Superior University, renowned for its commitment to excellence, champions the creation of a profound socio-economic impact within communities. The institution serves as a cradle for creators, innovators, and change makers who epitomise excellence and success. In 2015, Superior introduced the Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) with the foresight to instil civic behaviour in our students, recognising them as learners and indispensable agents for positive change in society. The SEP provides a dynamic platform for students to channel their innovative spirit and become change-makers. This initiative aligns seamlessly with Superior’s overarching mission to empower future leaders, emphasizing a holistic approach to success and societal impact.

Our focus is Sustainable Development

Superior Social Entrepreneurship Program activities aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Since SDGs have been adopted by Pakistan as National Goals, the ensuing national level efforts bear specific consideration for creating synergies amongst the stakeholders. SDGs relevant initiatives of SEP are in sync with the critical pathways defined by the Pakistan National SDGs Framework, and correspond to prioritization of SDGs by The SDG Framework Punjab. Team SEP engaged thousands of volunteers contributing towards SDGs. Some Projects are highlighted below.