Student Voice Leaders (SVLs)

What are SVLs?

The co-creators of a Meaningful Academic Experience, a living example of Superior’s longstanding commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. SVLs’ inclusion in statutory meetings like the Board of Studies (BOS), Board of Faculty (BOF), and Academic Council is setting new standards of student empowerment for Pakistani Academia. Superior University is devoted to nurturing the unbounded potential of the Youth of Pakistan to produce Leaders of Tomorrow.

Why SVLs?

Student Voice Leaders (SVLs) are the embodiment of the vision, mission, and values of Superior University. Our philosophy for SVLs is based on the principles of co-creation of a meaningful academic experience. We are committed to providing a platform to our superheroes where they can practice leadership skills and raise students’ voices on relevant platforms, acting as a means of communication among students, faculty, and university administration. As an SVL, you can advocate for change, develop leadership skills, build a strong network, enhance your profile, and make a real difference in the lives of your peers. Superior University makes sure to expose you to the democratic process and its necessities to improve your leadership efficiency, facilitating you to become the custodian of Pakistan.

Benefits of being SVL

Becoming a Student Voice Leader at Superior can be beneficial in multifarious academic and professional arenas like skill enhancement, reward and recognition, and professional.

Skill Enhancement:
You will get to chance to amplify your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) with an emphasis on leadership and teamwork capabilities, communication skills, empathy, cognitive strength, and problem-solving aptitude. These skills will prepare you to navigate organizational protocols and help you succeed in any professional setting.

Rewards & Recognitions:
In recognition of your contributions, the university lauds you with the following rewards & recognitions.

How to become an SVL?

The recruitment process for SVLs is highly competitive and democratic. Once your nomination papers are accepted, you will participate in class elections through a secret voting process overseen by your departmental faculty advisor for SVLs. The top two candidates will then proceed to an interview chaired by the Dean of Faculty. To ensure fairness and transparency, an advisor from a different faculty joins the three member interviewing panel. The final recruitment decision is based on a 60/40 split between the class election score and the interview score. This rigorous process ensures that the most qualified and committed candidates are chosen to represent their department and the university.

Reward and Recognition

Application Process Requirement

  • CGPA / Percentage: Greater than 3 / 65%.
  • Support of more than 25% of students of class (one student can’t sign the form of more than one student for nomination).
  • Not more than one year served as SVL previously.
  • Not violated University/OEC Code of Conduct.
  • Advisor will make announcements in all the classes in light of opportunity profile of SVL and will motivate students to be part of student body. 

    Interested candidates will get application form from bookshop or from Departmental Coordinator and will submit it to his/her advisor with signature of at least 25% students of his/her class.

    Advisor will carry out scrutiny of the applications submitted to finalize the eligible candidates.

    Secret voting will be conducted in all the classes by Advisors

    Top two candidates will be shortlisted for interview based on votes secured.

    After shortlisting Advisor will seek availability of HOD/Chairman/Program Leader or his/her nominee and finalize the schedule. Advisor will request Office of Engagement & Co-creation (OEC) to nominate external panelist for interview.

    Considering the schedule of interview, Office of Engagement & Co-creation (OEC) will nominate advisor of another student body or Office of Engagement & Co-creation (OEC) executive as external panelist considering the availability.

    Three members panel containing Advisor, External Panelist and HODs/Chairman/Program Leaders or Nominee will conduct interview.

    Result containing vote details and interview score will be sent to Office of Engagement & Co-creation (OEC) by Advisor in hard as well as soft copy.

    Office of Engagement & Co-creation (OEC) will send the final list of SVLs to Secretary Discipline Committee.

    All SVLs will be on Probation for the period of 1 month.

    Office of Engagement & Co-creation (OEC) will publish list of successful candidates via notification based on following criteria. Final Score = 60% in class election+ 40% in Interviews.

    Impact 2023

    Student Voice Leaders
    88 %
    Class Monitoring Reports
    Departmental Vice Presidents
    Monthly Review Meeting
    Statutory meetings attended

    SVL Advisors

    Executive Body