Arts and Creative Industries Facilities - Superior University Lahore

Art and Creative Industries Facilities

Superior University understands the importance of nurturing creativity and innovation in the modern world. Our commitment to fostering talent and nurturing artistic expression is evident in our state-of-the-art Arts and Creative Industry Facilities. These facilities provide our students with the perfect environment to explore their passions, develop their skills, and prepare for successful careers in the arts and creative industries.

Our Creative Campus

Superior University’s campus is a hub of creativity, where students can unleash their artistic potential. Our facilities are designed to inspire and support students in various fields of the arts and creative industries, including visual arts, performing arts, design, and multimedia production.

Studio Spaces

Our campus boasts a wide range of studio spaces, each dedicated to different forms of artistic expression. Whether you’re into painting, sculpture, photography, or performing arts, we have the perfect space for you. These studios are equipped with top-notch materials and technology to help you explore your creative potential. 

Art Gallery

Our on-campus art gallery serves as a platform for students to showcase their work. It’s not only a place to exhibit your creations but also to gain exposure and connect with the wider artistic community. The gallery hosts regular exhibitions and events that are open to the public, fostering a vibrant artistic atmosphere on campus.

Creative Workshops

Superior University is committed to providing hands-on learning experiences for our students. We offer a variety of creative workshops and courses led by experienced professionals in the arts and creative industries. From graphic design to theater production, you’ll find workshops that align with your interests and career goals.

Media and Technology Center

In today’s digital age, technology plays a crucial role in creative industries. Our Media and Technology Center is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and software to support your multimedia, animation, and digital art endeavors. We encourage our students to experiment and innovate with the latest tools in the industry.

Multimedia Production Studios

The Multimedia Production Studios at Superior University are where the magic of digital media happens. Students in this area have access to industry-standard equipment for audio and video production, allowing them to explore their creativity in multimedia projects.

Radio Facility

At Superior University, we take pride in our cutting-edge radio facilities, which offer students a dynamic and immersive learning environment. Our state-of-the-art Boom FM studio is equipped with the latest broadcasting technology, ensuring that students receive hands-on experience in the world of radio production, journalism, and broadcasting.

Design Labs

Our Design Labs are equipped with cutting-edge software and hardware to support students studying graphic design, web design, and other design-related fields. These labs are the creative playground for future designers and innovators.