Glossary - Superior University Lahore


To ensure that confusion never stands in your pursuit of knowledge. Our glossary helps you seek a clear understanding of our academic terms.


3U1M program

The 3U1M program includes 3-years of study in university and 1-year of market-intensive practical exposure in the industry. Through this comprehensive quality teaching and industrial training program, our students develop into the ideal 21 st -entury graduates whom we guarantee job placements.

African Student Association

The African Student Association is one of the landmark initiatives of Superior University, aimed at building a global platform for foreign students studying in Pakistan. It manifests our agenda to develop greater acceptability and support for celebrating cultural diversity in higher education. We are also facilitating our foreign students with multiple scholarships and future settlement opportunities in Pakistan.


ANCRD is aimed at encouraging and promoting research by facilitating researchers to transform their thoughts and observations into structured scientific ideas. The center is committed to helping students and scholars in exploring the uncharted domains of human knowledge by improving their innovative ideas and capacity to undertake scientific research endeavours.


Developing an entrepreneurial mindset to build Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the key to the economic development of Pakistan, Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship and Development (CMACED) was established with a mission to equip students with the mindset to become entrepreneurs and job creators rather than job seekers. CMACED embodies the essence of a dynamic and vibrant entrepreneurial hub with a mission to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing students with facilities, access to an entrepreneurial network and mentorship to nurture their business ideas while empowering them to be ready for incubation as soon as they graduate.


The Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program (ETTP) is the bedrock of the entrepreneurial revolution to transform conventional learning and promote entrepreneurial teaching and practice. Since its inception in 2017, ETTP has served as the foundation of the entrepreneurial revolution initiated across faculties at Superior University. ETTP serves as a training ground for faculty members to acquire the knowledge and skills required to integrate entrepreneurship theory and practice into the curricula. As a result, it has become the epicentre of entrepreneurship education at Superior University over the years

Freshman Program

The Freshman program at Superior is an initiative run by the Office of Engagement and Communications – OEC. This program helps the students to get to know their own personality attributes and learn to align with their future goals. The program helps in developing soft skills and life management skills in students with a keen focus on building the qualities of leadership, team building, higher self-recognition, clarity for future direction, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial insights, and civic-mindedness.


Her Kharobar

Her Karobar is a Women’s Entrepreneurship Program designed to provide a platform for women, enabling and empowering them to increase their presence in the business workforce and establish self-owned businesses. The program offers education and training from experienced trainers, mentorship to guide them on the right path, and access to investment and funding opportunities for growth and global expansion within a global network.

Innovation District 92 (ID92)

Innovation District 92 (ID92) is facilitating our budding entrepreneurial fraternity with its services as a start-up incubator. Established by CMACED, ID92 offers dedicated support to facilitate the ideas of young entrepreneurs from Superior University so they do not lack any stage of required support in their entrepreneurial journey. The incubator houses a diverse team of makers, investors, mentors and operators who provide our entrepreneurs with a carefully curated team of mentors and a community of incredible people across the world to help build businesses.



Mission Essar

Mission Essar stands out as a truly remarkable initiative by Superior that uplifts marginalized communities by providing essential assistance to millions of Pakistanis in need.


The Office of Engagement & Co-creation plays a paramount role in building a dynamic and enriching campus experience for our students while fostering their Emotional Intelligence, highlighting Superior’s journey towards excellence in learning, innovation, and research to create an ever-expanding socio-economic impact. By providing organisational support to a wide range of student-led activities, the OEC aims to nurture 21stcentury graduates who will become the leaders of tomorrow and job creators rather than mere job-seekers.


Superior University’s & educational approach revolves around the core principles of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) and Project-Based Learning (PBL). These principles are at the heart of the university & philosophy, guiding its efforts to offer a comprehensive and practical education. The institution has undertaken several initiatives to realize this commitment, including the establishment of clear learning objectives, the promotion of hands-on projects, the creation of advanced project labs and innovation centers, substantial investments in faculty development, and the integration of innovative teaching methods into the curriculum.


The Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) at Superior University is mandated with the responsibility to promote quality research, cultivate innovative activities, and facilitate their commercialization. The Centre is actively engaged in capacity building of faculty and students and enhancing the number of publications and citations through national and international research collaborations, and research rewards. It also assists researchers in applying for research grants and securing patents for their contributions.


The PAMA Studio at Superior University stands as a vibrant hub where artistic talents are nurtured, passions ignited, and the language of music and the arts is fluently spoken. Within the walls of Superior University, PAMA Studio thrives as a dynamic center for artistic expression and education, embracing both Pakistan & rich cultural heritage and the transformative power of the arts in the contemporary world.

From classical melodies to cutting-edge digital compositions, PAMA Studio offers diverse programs, cultivating students' skills under the guidance of accomplished mentors.

Research Week

The Research Week at Superior University is the most distinguished and comprehensive biannual event. It provides exceptional networking and exposure opportunities for emerging researchers and simultaneously bolsters the university’s esteemed research profile. The knowledge exchange activities during the week included conferences, symposia, seminars, talk sessions, training workshops, exhibitions, cultural festivals, and brand launches. Each of these activities targets a specific set of stakeholders and provides the university with a broad spectrum of stakeholders for networking and outreach.


­­­­SEE Pakistan

The Superior Entrepreneurial Expo (SEE Pakistan) is the epitome of entrepreneurial excellence where innovation seeks applicability and creativity meets feasibility, providing a firm ground for young startups to showcase their novel ideas, innovative products, and tailored solutions. Over the past four years, SEE Pakistan has played a pivotal role in fostering inclusivity among industry, investors, and academicians in the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing a platform for building connections and collaboration.

Superior Maker Festival

The Superior Maker Festival is an early event where a diverse range of raw, unique, and unconventional ideas are showcased, all of which have the potential to make a tangible and positive difference in society. It brings together a like-minded community of makers who are passionate about solving real-world problems through innovative and unconventional means. This event attracts leading business tycoons, experts, investors, mentors, and entrepreneurs who evaluate the students’ efforts and guide them in their future endeavours.


Superior Foundation for Research and Development (SFRD) is a registered non- profit and non-political entity that functions as the implementation arm of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of The Superior Group (TSG). With a prime focus on education, entrepreneurial revolution, health, environment, community development, and media, SFRD extends support to increase access to basic services for disadvantaged and marginalized segments of society. Additionally, SFRD undertakes policy-level engagement through action research to inform and improve the governance systems of Pakistan.


The Superior Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) is a pioneering initiative among private sector universities in Pakistan, with a primary focus on instilling a sense of civic responsibility among the youth, especially the students at SuperiorUniversity. The program collaborates with both local and international social enterprises to promote a culture of social entrepreneurship and to enhance students & skills through education and training.

In order to support Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) has established an Accelerator Program namely Scale-up PK, which works as a growth partner toSMEs.


The Superior Employability Center (SEC) assists students in securing placements within various organizations for a duration of six months. During this period, students identify pressing problems within the host organization and collaborate with itsmanagement to find viable solutions. This experience allows students to become familiar with corporate culture and develop complex problem-solving skills, ultimately enhancing their employability even before they complete their degrees. Additionally, SEC arranges mock interviews, professional grooming workshops, and recruitment drives to further support these students.