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Research Resources

State-of-the-Art Research Labs

At Superior University, we have state-of-the-art research labs and centres that are dedicated to advancing knowledge and addressing various scientific, technological, and societal challenges. Researchers can explore new ideas, conduct experiments, and collaborate with peers, ultimately contributing to advancements in science and technology

Superior Information Resource Centre

Superior Information Resource Centre (SIRC) libraries are designed and operated under the mission and objective of the Superior University which leads curators to facilitate and fulfil the print and digital needs of the students, staff, and faculty. SIRC collects and promotes English and Urdu language academic and general research materials which help users in their undergraduate and graduate studies.

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research & Innovation

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation (CIRI) is dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation across diverse fields of study within Superior University. The centre brings together experts, researchers, and thought leaders from various disciplines to tackle complex societal challenges through cross-disciplinary approaches.

The Centre for Multidisciplinary Research & Innovation is envisioned as a dynamic hub where ground-breaking ideas are nurtured, collaborations thrive, and innovative solutions are born. With a focus on driving advancements in various domains, the centre will feature cutting-edge facilities including a Biomedical Lab, Robot Corner, Drones, Animal Lab, Driverless Cars, and Chip Design Lab.