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Our Unique Teaching and Learning Frameworks & Pedagogies

3U1M:- A Framework to Ensure Student Employability

Superior University, being the most entrepreneurial university in Pakistan, has instigated a revolutionary idea, called 3U1M framework, to bridge the gap between industry and academia. This unique learning framework brings industry and academia on board to undertake joint efforts for preparing market-ready students

Freshman Program

The recipe for students’ success – 3U1M begins with the ‘Freshman Program’ as a door opener to our students’ Superior life journey. We welcome our students in the friendly environment of this program by teaching them life management skills so they may develop Superior student’ attributes at the beginning of their university life.

The freshman program is an initiative run by the Office of  Engagement and Communications – OEC. This helps our students to get to know their personality attributes and learn to align with their future goals. We develop soft skills and life management skills in our students with a keen focus on building the qualities of leadership, team building, higher self-recognition, clarity for future direction, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial insights, and civic-mindedness

Project-Based Learning

Project Based Learning is a student-centred teaching pedagogy model that promotes self-directed research and discovery, stemming from the broader concepts of experiential learning. The core idea of PBL is to design real-time projects that connect student learning experiences with the real world and provoke critical thinking in them as they acquire new knowledge.

Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program (ETTP)

The Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program (ETTP) is the bedrock of the entrepreneurial revolution to transform conventional learning and promote entrepreneurial teaching and practice. Since its inception in 2017, ETTP has served as the foundation of the entrepreneurial revolution initiated across faculties at Superior University. ETTP serves as a training ground for faculty members to acquire the knowledge and skills required to integrate entrepreneurship theory and practice into the curricula. As a result, it has become the epicentre of entrepreneurship education at Superior University over the years.

Social Entrepreneurship Program

The Superior Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) is a pioneering initiative in private sector universities of Pakistan that focuses on cultivating a sense of civic responsibility among young people, particularly students at Superior University. The program collaborates with local and international social enterprises to foster a culture of social entrepreneurship and enhance students’ skills through education and training. SEP’s key component is a 3-credit course called the Active Citizenship Program, which includes lectures, seminars, and community development projects aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The program emphasizes practical, experiential learning and encourages students to identify social issues in their communities and develop and implement social entrepreneurship projects to address them. SEP acknowledges the importance of context-specific solutions and equips students with the skills and knowledge to assess local needs, develop appropriate solutions, and evaluate project impact. The program’s ultimate mission is to empower young people to create social change through community outreach initiatives, contributing to a prosperous Pakistan.