Studying Big Data Analytics

There’s a lot of discussion around big data these days with more and more processes becoming automated.

Big Data and AI

Automation essentially takes place through data. Data is used to teach AI the process it needs to carry out. Both supervised and unsupervised learning uses data (labeled or unlabeled) and the machine learns to identify, differentiate, and understand.

Therefore, big data is directly linked to AI. By studying Big Data analytics the doors to AI research, automation, and machine learning also open.

AI is being used heavily in all the following fields around the world:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • Military
  • HR

Scope in Pakistan

It is true that Big Data and AI industry in Pakistan is not as big as it is in countries such as China or the United States, but it is a fast growing one.

As businesses adopt automation methods to carry out their various managerial and marketing processes, the need for data scientists and analysts is growing.

Wherever AI goes, data scientists will be needed too and AI seems to be going everywhere now. Most of ecommerce and marketing is now highly data driven.

Other than marketing some big companies are also beginning to shift to automated HR management, similarly private Education too is becoming more and computerized. Agriculture is our biggest industry and so automation of processes here can also turn out to be a huge and lucrative project.


Other than the implementation of Big Data in business, there is also a lot of emphasis on research now. The main platform available for those who want to work in research is the National Center of Big Data and Cloud Computing (NCBC).

Furthermore, President’s Initiative for Artificial Intelligence & Computing (PIAIC) is a new initiative taken by Mr. Arif Alvi to educate those who are interested in Big Data so Pakistan can further grow in this field.

Data science is bound to make its way to the government sector as well. Healthcare, for example, is a sector that will benefit a lot from this technology and in other countries it already is.

Data science is here to stay and as Mr. Arif Alvi said is the marker for the fourth industrial revolution. Don’t believe us? Just look up ‘data scientist jobs in Pakistan’ and you will be able to find multiple listings. This field is not only here to stay but also to expand majorly.

Therefore, is is a great time to step into the world of Big Data as the world takes it on with open arms and Pakistan takes active initiatives to not be left behind.


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