3U1M Program (3 Years in University, 1 Year in Market)

Guaranteed Employability through Superior mantra of student career development

Our Distinctive, Innovative, Experiential Learning Framework

We are committed to transform lives with our first and foremost value of Student Success, which is being guaranteed by our unique 3U1M program. Our education plan under 3U1M includes 3-years of study in university and 1-year of market intensive practical exposure in industry. Under 3U1M Program, we focus on students’ overall development so their IQ & EQ ameliorate simultaneously. Their life management skills get nurtured through life changing modules. From Freshman Semester to the Foundation Year, from exploration to innovation and entrepreneurship at the university, we ensure our students’ market readiness and professional excellence. Through our OBE (Outcome Based Education) framework, where learning outcomes in each semester are preset and measured to our PBL (Project Based Learning) methodology, our students internalize the attributes of 21st century graduates with hands-on practice. For the final Market Intensive Year “1M” (one year in the market), the students are offered four indigenous specialisation streams i.e. Startup and Scaleup streams offer a challenge that is entrepreneurial in nature, Design Challenge stream requires a solution-oriented approach and analytical mindset, while the Go Global stream provides students with unparalleled globalised higher education, career, and immigration opportunities.

The 3U1M Program has significantly transformed career trajectories in Pakistan, offering young individuals the opportunity to pursue competitive corporate professions or embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys. This program has played a pivotal role in empowering the youth by leading to a remarkable surge in our graduates’ employability ratio from 79% percent to an impressive 96%. This assured employability stands as the cornerstone of the 3U1M Program, representing a golden opportunity for Pakistani youth, where career success is guaranteed.