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About us

Superior University is where you learn for life


At Superior University, our approach to learning and research is deeply personalised, placing a strong emphasis on hands-on experience. We equip our students with lifelong skills, empowering them to excel in this ever-evolving world. Situated in Lahore, our campus is a global hub, welcoming students, and staff from all corners of the globe.

Welcome to Superior University, where excellence knows no bounds.

Superior University has cultivated a profound sense of trust and confidence among both its current students and those aspiring to join its ranks. This remarkable achievement can be attributed to the institution’s unwavering commitment to innovative and highly effective study and work plans. In a world characterised by fierce competition, establishing a reputation and maintaining integrity is akin to a profound journey. However, the true test lies in continually elevating and refining that reputation, an endeavour that proves to be considerably more challenging. Remarkably, the leading research university in Pakistan has not only built its reputation but has consistently elevated it to new heights.

This remarkable feat can be attributed to the dedication and excellence of its esteemed leader, Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman, the Rector of the university. Dr. Rehman possesses an unwavering vision and has consistently translated it into reality through the implementation of cutting-edge research initiatives and mentorship programs designed to ensure the success of every student.

Superior University stands out by embracing global trends and elevating academic excellence through the introduction of cutting edge research and educational resources for both students and faculty on campus. The driving force behind this transformative leap is the entrepreneurial vision of the university’s rector. This vision has led to the launch of the Entrepreneurial Teaching & Training Program (ETTP).

Under this program, students receive guidance and mentorship from a leading entrepreneurial institution, equipping them with the skills needed to launch their own businesses, enhance existing family enterprises with a global perspective, offer innovative design concepts to boost corporate performance, and ultimately secure rewarding career opportunities as a testament to their achievements and contributions.

Superior University’s administration is committed to facilitating valuable opportunities for its students, ensuring they secure internships, trainee positions, or even job offers at premier marketplaces. The innovative 3U1M Program actively encourages students to immerse themselves in the real-world market, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. As a result, most of our students receive enticing job offers even before completing their final degrees.

Being part of such a prestigious institution in Pakistan means students are not just students; they are regarded as superheroes. The university’s Rector places the utmost emphasis on their career development, making it the institution’s top priority. This unique approach sets Superior University apart as a dynamic and forward-thinking educational establishment.


To be a leading Pakistani university driving excellence in learning, innovation, and research.


We are committed to transform the lives of our students, faculty, staff and alumni by providing an excellent learning and research environment which ensures success in their lives and careers. We
believe in developing emotionally intelligent ‘Superheroes’ who can create social and economic impact through entrepreneurial mindset to build a Superior Pakistan.