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Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

With an unyielding commitment to fostering an open, collaborative, and multidisciplinary culture of innovation and research as well as strong cross-cutting internal and external collaborations, the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology at Superior University provides a modern and dynamic learning environment that promotes revolutionary fundamental research in a range of fields and transformative ideas to develop more useful and reliable systems to create a lasting socio economic impact on the society at large.

With a special focus on emerging technologies, the excellent and highly qualified faculty employs an experiential-learning approach at cutting edge labs to equip students with the theoretical knowledge of the subject matter and the skills necessary to apply their discipline to generate futuristic, optimal solutions in their fields and solve real world problems. With regular interaction with seasoned professionals and close ties with industry and a wide range of professional sectors, Superior’s tech graduates register one of the highest rates of graduate employability while the postgraduate programs host numerous research led enterprise opportunities for academics and career professionals.

Dean’s Message

Faculty of Computer Science and Informational Technology welcomes you to a world characterized by big data, artificial intelligence, data science, cyber security, and internet of things. We will make you an innovative tech player, who is ready to take this world to the next frontiers with advancements in information technology. Life at CS & IT revolves around laptops, gadgets, ideas, and innovations. Besides the latest curriculum, we will offer you a hands-on experience through our integrated business units like Superior Connections and Infinit Labs where you could master tricks of the trade before entering the industry. Our research culture will empower you to create new knowledge and learn the art of commercialization of your ideas and products. For the past few years, we have welcomed individuals who were passionate about their dreams and ambitious to create a new world of opportunities. It is your chance to join us and make a difference.

Prof. Dr Arfan Jaffar

Faculty of Associate Degree Program in Computer Science

Saqib Ali

Saqib Ali Ahmad

Program Leader

Muhammad Tauseef Hanif

Muhammad Tauseef Hanif



Momina Hafeez



Abdul Rauf



Muhammad Qasim Shah

Jr. Lecturer


Sikander Javed

Jr. lecturer