Faculty of Art and Design

Superior University’s School of Art and Design employs a comprehensive, interdisciplinary methodology to nurture innovative and employable graduates. Focusing on conceptual and theoretical design processes, the school equips students to envision and create a sustainable future. Emphasizing innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, the school addresses challenges in the era of disruptive technologies, such as sustainable futures and social progress. With a blend of experiential learning and understanding futuristic industry practices, the school ensures a learning experience grounded in continuous innovation and excellence. The excellent faculty, through diverse partnerships, guides students in developing critical thinking, conceptual problem-solving, and industry-standard technical skills, ensuring their future success with a competitive portfolio.

Bachelors Programs

Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor Fashion Design

Bachelor Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

Bachelor of Interior Design

Bachelor of Textile Design

BS Fine Arts

BS Product Design

BS Graphic Design

BS Home Economics

Bachelor of Landscape Design

BS of Building Design and Construction

MS Programs

MS Art & Design

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Educational Qualification

Applicants must have attained at least a second division in their FA, F.Sc, DAE, A-Level, I.Com, or an equivalent qualification, with Mathematics as a subject. The selection process involves a Qualitative Aptitude Test, a Drawing Test, and a personal interview

English Language Proficiency

As Superior University's medium of instruction is English, applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency. This can be done through tests like IELTS or TOEFL, or through evidence of having studied in an English-medium school/college.

Entrance Test

Some programs may require applicants to take an entrance test specific to the program. This is usually done to assess the applicant's aptitude for the field of study.

Dean's Message

The dialogue between art and design is a dynamic part of our society. The connection between art and its expression in design is strengthened at Superior with the novel opportunities provided by our unique entrepreneurship ecosystem. An extensive entrepreneurial teaching and training program has a rich curriculum designed in our Outcome Based Education (OBE) model. This provides our students with a chance to combine studies of design, tourism, marketing, economics, education and social sciences. Furthermore, our advertising agency “Digitara” is an in-house platform to let your creativity flourish on the practical grounds with experiential learning opportunity. Our creative community of faculty of art & design is a significant contributor in developing the skillset required by the industry of 21st century. Our diverse international networks bring career opportunities for our fully trained future-facing and globally relevant students aptly suitable for the rapidly changing work environments. Superior in-house practicing opportunities and 1-M professional exposure through internships, projects and other integrated learning opportunities guarantee your professional success. We welcome you to the dynamically creative environment of the Faculty of Art and Design.

Prof. Dr. Nabeel Amin

Dean, Faculty of Art and Design

Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Nabeel Amin

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Khan

Ms. Naushaba Azhar

Dr. Hassan Iftikhar

Dr. Ghulam Abbas

Ms. Saba Hisham

Mr. Muhammad Faisal Rehman

Mr. Azhar Mamoon Sualehi

Mr. Azhar Syed

Mr. Muhammad Tahir Khan Khalidi

Mr. Umer Mehboob Malik

Ms. Rabia Shahbaz

Mr. Raja Rehan Tariq

Ms. Mariam Ahmar Rehman

Mr. Ahmed Iqbal


Ms. Hummaira Kanwal

Mr.Syed Aqeel Anwar Kazmi

Mr. Ali Zafar Waziri

Mr. Zeeshan Ali Adnan

Ms. Amna Iqbal

Mr. Farzadaq Abbas

Ms. Farhana Rasheed

Mr. Umer Hameed

Mr. Muhammad Fawad Noori

Mr. Amer Hashmi

Ms. Zainab Salman Razi

Ms. Farwa Ali Munawar

Ms. Saba Zahid

Ms. Ayesha Hashmi

Ms. Asma Aslam

Mr. Osama Ahmed


Ms. Yumna Habib

Mr. Hafiz Zain Ul Abidin

Mr. Ibrahim Ihsan Ullah Bajwa

Ms. Mubashara Younas

Ms. Deerak Minhaj

Ms. Farwa Zahid

Ms. Azeen Ahmed

Ms. Anza Saleem

Ms. Raisham Ashraf

Ms. Raana Naseer

Mr. Muhammad Usman Sadiqi

Ms. Tashfeen Ahmad

Ms. Iqra Anis

Ms. Nimrah Afzal

Mr. Chaudhry Ali Imran