Superior University’s Soar to Roar Strategic Framework 2023-28: Elevating Our Journey


Our stakeholders play a crucial role in shaping Superior University’s value proposition. They actively engage in our governance through a well-defined decision-making process. The Soar to Roar Strategic Plan 2023-28 identifies and prioritizes the needs and concerns of six key stakeholders: faculty, industry partners, the community, regulatory bodies, and shareholders.

Strategic Drivers

Strategic drivers serve as guiding principles for setting objectives and charting our path to delivering value for our stakeholders. The Soar to Roar Strategic Plan 2023-28 encompasses six strategic drivers, represented by the acronym “SD”:

 SD1 – Teaching and Learning
 SD2 – Research, Innovation, and Commercialization
 SD3 – Internationalization
 SD4 – Social Responsibility
 SD5 – Institutional Identity
 SD6 – Financial Sustainability. These drivers are further broken down into twenty-seven specific goals.


Enablers, referred to as “EN,” are the pillars of support that provide the resources necessary to achieve our goals. The Soar to Roar Plan identifies four key enablers: EN1 – People, EN2 – Technology, EN3 – Infrastructure, and EN4 – Governance and Leadership.

The Soar to Roar Strategic Framework draws inspiration from the Service Value Chain (SVC) theory. At its core, SVC aims to optimize the core and support activities within an organization to deliver maximum value to stakeholders. Accordingly, our framework provides a structured approach to aligning our activities with our strategic vision and value proposition. It offers clarity regarding our goals and strategies, promoting consistency across the university.

Adaptability and accountability are central to this framework. It establishes a flexible approach to planning and execution, allowing us to adapt to evolving circumstances and adjust our goals and strategies as needed. Communication channels flow both top-down and bottom-up, ensuring a clear understanding of expectations and deliverables at every level. Simultaneously, it sets a framework for accountability and performance measurement. Each strategic driver includes a set of success metrics that will serve as benchmarks, enabling us to monitor and evaluate our progress.

Value Proposition to Our Stakeholders

For Students

For Industry

For Regulatory Bodies

For Shareholders

For Faculty/Staff

“This comprehensive framework encompasses our journey to soar higher and roar louder, delivering enduring value to all our stakeholders.”