Faculty of Medical Sciences

Superior University’s Faculty of Medical Sciences is dedicated to achieving and sustaining excellence in healthcare services through inspired leadership and educational excellence. With a strong reputation, the faculty operates under qualified faculty and clinical assistants in the in-house 600 beds Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Teaching & Research Hospital and the Azra Naheed Dental College.

Students learn, understand, and apply patient-centered care fundamentals, upholding professional values of decency, compassion, love, and care. Experiential learning, including the use of cutting-edge facilities like the Anatomage Table, provides scientific knowledge and interpersonal skills crucial for this sensitive and rapidly evolving field. Students address community healthcare needs through supervised examinations and treatments, enhancing clinical expertise and confidence for future employment or private practice.

Medical Colleges

Azra Naheed Medical College

Azra Naheed Dental College

Department of Eastern Medicine

BEMS Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Educational Qualification

Most programs require applicants to have passed their intermediate-level education (HSC or equivalent) with a minimum grade point average (GPA). The required GPA may vary depending on the program.

English Language Proficiency

As Superior University's medium of instruction is English, applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency. This can be done through tests like IELTS or TOEFL, or through evidence of having studied in an English-medium school/college.

Entrance Test

Some programs may require applicants to take an entrance test specific to the program. This is usually done to assess the applicant's aptitude for the field of study.

Dean's Message

I am delighted to introduce the Faculty of Medical Sciences at The Superior University Lahore. With a remarkable track record of educational success, Superior has established itself as a renowned institution in the field of education and is now embarking on new horizons to benefit the people of Pakistan.

Starting from the 2022-23 academic session, Azra Naheed Medical College at Superior University has implemented the Integrated Modular System for the MBBS program. We firmly believe that this innovative approach will equip future doctors with enhanced competency, skills, and a professional mindset. The Faculty of Medical Sciences is dedicated to transforming the mindset and fostering a culture of specialized research in Pakistan. Through this program, we are committed to giving research the importance it deserves, surpassing the traditional curriculum. Our students will have the opportunity to gain international exposure and develop into exceptional practitioners through engaging co-curricular activities and a supportive learning environment.

InshaAllah, our institute will be recognized for providing the best learning facilities to its students. Our strength lies in international collaborations and context-based research, which will undoubtedly contribute to our reputation in the years to come. Additionally, our innovative postgraduate courses will address the pressing needs of the contemporary world. I firmly believe that graduates from this esteemed institution will demonstrate ethical conduct, competence, and true professionalism. They will make significant contributions towards providing healthcare facilities of international standards to society and humanity. I pray to Allah Almighty for the strength and courage to fulfill our responsibilities towards the youth of Pakistan (Ameen).


Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences

Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akber Chaudhry

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aslam

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Shahzad

Prof. Dr. Zaheer Anjum Shirazi

Prof. Dr. Tahir Nazeer

Prof. Dr. Babar Hussain Khan

Prof. Dr. Nasir Iqbal

Prof. Dr Abdul Rasheed Qamar

Prof. Dr. Shabir Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Naseem Saud Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Fakhar Un Nisa

Prof. Dr Muhammad Shoaib

Prof. Dr. Zahra Haider Bokhari

Prof. Dr Osama Habib

Prof. Dr. Shumaila Zia

Prof. Dr. Zafar Iqbal

Prof. Dr. Amber Malik

Prof. Dr. Atif Qureshi

Prof. Dr Iqbal Ahmad Azhar

Prof. Dr. Iram Alia

Prof. Dr. Saboohi Saeed

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Fiaz

Prof. Dr. Najma Naz

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saeed

Prof. Dr. Naseer Ahmad Chaudhry

Prof. Dr. Khalil Ur Rehman

Prof. Dr. Rizwan Saeed

Prof. Dr Ayma Syed

Prof. Dr. Saima Rubab Khan

Prof. Dr. Hafiz M. Majid Jahangir

Prof. Dr. Nazia Badar

Dr. Munaza Javed

Prof. Dr. Sofia Amjad

Prof. Dr. Naveed Inayat

Prof. Dr. Sarosh Majid

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Munir

Dr. Muhammad Shakil Zar-i- Khawari

Dr. Azhar Waheed Khan

Dr. Huma Tahseen

Dr. Rashida Sultana

Dr. Saeed Taj Din

Dr. Aliya Aslam

Dr. Asma Inam

Dr. Fawad Hameed

Dr. Abrar Ul Hassan Pirzada

Dr. Humaira Alam

Dr. Muhammad Asif

Dr. Kashif Sultan Ali

Dr. Shabnum Sibtain

Dr. Ayesha Jamil

Dr. Najma Shoaib

Dr. Hafiz Hamad Ashraf

Dr. Mariyah Javed

Dr. Hira Asghar

Dr. Mehwish Munawar

Dr. Usman Sana

Dr. Anila Erum

Dr. Muhammad Anwaar Alam

Dr. Zartashia Arooj


Dr. Ayesha Saleem

Dr. Bushra Iftikhar

Dr. Farah Waseem

Dr. Sabeen Aftab

Dr. Abrar Hussain Shah

Dr. Azib Ali

Dr. Munawar Manzoor Ali

Dr. Farooq Malik

Dr. Hafiza Naveeda Khurshid

Dr. Iffat Hamid

Dr. Sahar Iqbal

Dr. Saima Irum

Dr. Fariha Sahrish

Dr. Bisma Fatima Aslam

Dr. Kanwal Ijaz

Dr. Hina Sadaf

Dr. Saima Zareen

Dr. Tuba Tariq

Dr. Danyal Anwar Shiraz

Dr. Muhammad Khurram Jameel

Dr. Ch Muhammad Aqeel

Dr. Nauman Ismat Butt

Dr. Beenish Shah

Dr. Wajahat Amir

Dr. Maham Qazi

Dr. Hafiz Ateeq ur Rehman

Dr. Aniqa Ansar Tufail

Dr. Pir Muneeb Rehman

Dr. Muhammad Ammar

Dr. Sehrish Sarwar

Dr. Azhar Ali Khan

Dr. Arooj Fatima

Dr. Muhammad Tahir Yusuf

Dr. Waheed Ahmad

Dr. Kashif Haroon

Dr. Rizwan Mahmood

Dr. Fariha Rizwan

Dr. Rizwan Saghir Chatha

Dr. Saleha Akram Nizami

Dr. Amna Muneeb

Dr. Sana Akram

Dr. M Hamza Shaikh

Dr. Ammad Jawed

Dr. Ambreen Nawaz

Dr. Mehvish Shahid

Dr. Junaid Altaf

Dr. Muhammad Faisal Rana

Dr. Hafsa Abdul Aleem

Dr. Abdul Sattar

Dr. Sh Javaid Nazir

Dr. Asad Mehmood

Dr. Ayesha Rahman

Dr. Mehwish Niazi

Dr. Iqra Amin

Dr. Noman Tariq

Dr. Rushda Khalid

Dr. Adeel Tuasene

Dr. Shariq Ali Khan

Dr. Ahmed Mujtaba

Dr. Mahnoor Khan

Dr. Sanaullah

Dr. Syed Muhammad Ahmad Raheem

Dr. Farhad Alam

Dr. Amna e Sana

Dr. Moneeb Ali

Dr. Maira Jabbar

Dr. Rabia Afzal Malik

Dr. Muqeet Anwar

Dr. Muhammad Saleem Hassan

Dr. Tuba Riaz

Dr. Wedad Sohail

Dr. Momal Ahmad

Dr. Anum Pari

Dr. Talal Ejaz

Dr. Razib Ehsan Kamboh

Dr. Menaal

Dr. Ammara Khan

Dr. Shehryar Awan

Dr. Moeed Haider Naqvi

Dr. Abdul Moiz

Dr. Ahmad Abdullah

Dr. Jannat Arif

Dr. Mishal Jafri

Dr. Syeda Azka Aamer

Dr. Muneeba Shoaib

Dr. Tehreem Khalid

Dr. Hafsa Qayyum

Dr. Ammarah Mahmood

Dr. Nawal Hussain

Dr. Maryam Tariq

Dr. Nayab Naveed

Dr. Shahzada Faiz Ahmad Khan

Dr. Mohid Rehman

Dr. Abdullah Karamat

Dr. Aisha Akbar

Dr. Muhammad Zubair Ahmad Khan

Dr. Khushboo Shahbaz

Dr. Hina Naz Naseem

Dr. Ayesha Tariq

Dr. Ummara Mahmood

Dr. Hina Ali

Dr. Baher Tarik

Dr. Iqra Yousaf

Dr. Osama Rehman

Dr. Hamna Abid Attiqi

Dr. Maryam Rabya Sultana

Dr. Rahima Khan

Dr. Zahra Chatha

Dr. Muhammad Umair Malik

Dr. Faiza Arshad

Dr. Amna Riasat

Dr. Taimoor Asghar

Dr. Easha Tahir Butt

Dr. Rahmah Kashif

Dr. Khizer Mehmood

Dr. Syed Muhammad Ahmad Rahim

Dr. Iqra Alvi

Dr. Maryam Anjum