Faculty of law - Superior University Lahore

Faculty of Law

With a commitment to providing a thorough foundation in the principles of law from an academic rather than a professional perspective, the Faculty of Law at Superior University is designed to enable our students to achieve excellence in their academic and personal potential. Our qualified faculty is passionate about helping the students with developing a capacity for independent learning and an appreciation of the vitality of law and its application in a civilised society.

Moreover, the students are encouraged to think about the ethical concerns associated with the law while reasoning rationally and expressing arguments clearly and succinctly. Under the 4U1C Program  four years in university and one year in court the students undergo regular Moot Court sessions to prepare themselves for the real life challenges of the court. While not every law student eventually pursues a profession in the field of law, a solid foundation in legal knowledge proves to be helpful in landing employment in many other professions, from business and industry to government and numerous areas of public service. 

Faculty of law