Faculty of Arts and Humanities

With a firm belief that studying arts has a transformative effect on our lives, the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Superior University offers a holistic approach to its futuristic curriculum with a special focus on developing the analytical and rational competencies of a diverse community of academics and students currently pursuing degrees that fall under its purview. The courses on offer are built on the ethos of adding value to employability, providing a superlative student experience, and embracing international opportunities. Moreover, Superior’s unique experiential learning framework and special emphasis on applied research have elevated Superior’s reputation with regard to academic excellence and student success.

By encouraging and facilitating collaborative action and progressive involvement opportunities both on and off-campus, the internationally qualified faculty is committed to enabling the students to engage with the larger world and elevate the lives of individuals and communities and make a difference in the world and enhance their understanding of the world via inquiry, critical reflection, creative interventions, and discourse.

Bachelors Programs

BS Education

BS English (language and literature)

B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education)

MS Programs

MS English (Language & Literature)

MS Urdu

MS Islamic studies

M.Phil Programs

M.Phil Education

M.Phil Education, leadership & Management

M.Phil Library & Information Management

P.hD Program

PhD Education

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum educational qualification

Most programs require applicants to have passed their intermediate-level education (HSC or equivalent) with a minimum grade point average (GPA). The required GPA may vary depending on the program.

English language proficiency

As Superior University's medium of instruction is English, applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency. This can be done through tests like IELTS or TOEFL, or through evidence of having studied in an English-medium school/college.

Entrance test

Some programs may require applicants to take an entrance test specific to the program. This is usually done to assess the applicant's aptitude for the field of study.

Dean's Message

You have an opportunity to preserve your identity, vibrant past, and values that played a decisive role in shaping up the contemporary world. We will empower you to perform this role through our diverse curriculum, research-focused programs, and student success orientation. Our faculty members take pride in honing the research skills, aesthetic values, and social sensibilities of our students. We equip them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and changing world through teamwork, agility, and innovation. Our students believe in making a difference through research excellence that is rooted in an appreciation of diversity, unbiased analysis, and creative originality. You are welcome to join our superior community and play your part in making this world a beautiful, nurturing, equitable, peaceful, and sustainable place.

Dr. Muhammad Sarwar

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities​

Faculty Members

Zubair Arshad

Zubair Arshad



Muhammad Wasif

Program Leader


Saira Majid

Program Leader


Mahnoor Mufti



Sir Kashif Raza



Farhana Akmal


Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sarwar 

Dr. Ismat Bano

Dr. Sana Javaid

Dr. Shafqat Ali Shah

Dr. Aneela Aslam

Dr. Iqbal Hussain Asad

Dr. Muhammad Kamran

Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Shah

Dr. Neelam Bano

Dr. Asad Abbas Shah

Dr. Farman Ali

Mr. Qaisar Iqbal

Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Ramzan

Ms. Zobia Kanwal

Mr. Ghulam Qambar

Mr. Shafeeq ur Rehman

Ms. Dua Irfan

Ms. Nafeesa Arif 

Mr.  Muhammad Qasim

Mr.  Jaffar Ali Kazmi

Ms. Mahrukh

Mr.  Muhammad Imran Noor

Mr.  Muhammad Waqas Hussain

Mr.  Muhammad Waheed u Zaman

Mr.  Sajjad Ul Hassan

Mr.  Abdul Rauf


Mr. Muhammad Wasif

Ms. Mahnoor Shahid Mufti

Mr.  Kashif Raza

Ms. Momina Hafeez

Ms. Farhana Akmal

Mr. Muhammad Saleem

Mr. Raheel Anwar

Mr. Muhammad Saleem

Mr. Sana ul Haq

Mr. Ghulam Farid

Mr. Rashid Siddique

Mr. Muhammad Mansha


Faculty Members

Superior University, Sub Campuses

Name of Faculty Member

Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz 

Dr. Muhammad Saleem Mohsin

Dr Muhammad Obaid Aslam

Dr Amaria Atta

Dr Arooj Zahra Rizvi

Dr. Muhammad Asif Awan

Dr. Jamil Asghar

Dr. Muhammad Furqan 

Dr. Ehtesham ul Haq 

Dr. Ahmad Bilal

Dr. Wajid Ali

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Sarfraz Gazani

Ms. Asma saeed

Mr. M Mudassir Mehmood

M Riaz Qadir

Mr. Rizwan Hussain

Mr. Sufyan Afzal


Name of Faculty Member
Dr Masud Akhtar
Dr Muhammad Nawaz
Dr. Noor ul Hassan
Dr. Muhammad Imran
Ms. Tuba Sarfraz
Ms. Rafia Batool
Ms. Umm e Farwa Khan
Ms. Somia Tariq 
Mr. Muhammad Waseem
Mr. Zohaib Hassan
Mr. Muhammad Shahid
Dr. Sayida Asma
Dr. Muhammad Amjad Javaid